Wanted Third member for a '66 FJ40 axle 4.11 gearing

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Oct 5, 2008
Kalispell, MT
My diff a-splode the other day and I'm looking at what it costs to rebuild vs just getting a new third. Anyone have a axle they can't sell cause no one wants to pay for shipping? I'll take the third off your hands. I'm looking for one out of a front preferably (less miles). I'll pay more for one that has been rebuilt recently and has receipts to show that it has.

Let me know if you have anything. I might have some parts you want as well.

Thanks, Isaac
You'd be better off buying a full third off of somebody versus rebuilding it. $65-$100 for a complete third depending upon where you are at. Shipping is sort of spendy but you can ship them safely in 5 gallon pails. I don't currently have any but they are around.
Yes I think a used third is what I need. Anyone have one?
Isaac, I've got you covered. Call me. Paul

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