Thinking rhino lining the exterior..

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Apr 8, 2005
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
So I’m thinking of rhino lining my sons 80. The paints in right shape and the hood has already been partially done. Wanting to go Grey. Anything should consider before pulling the trigger?
Here’s how it sits now.



There are a ton of threads on here if you search monstaliner or raptor liner. They seem to be the more popular choices for diy bed liners. If you’re going to have a shop spray it check out bullet liner. I haven’t done it on my 80 but I’ve had good results with it on a truck bed. Your son has s sweet looking 80.
I did my Tacoma’s camper shell in it, and I was very pleased. It was the easiest-to-apply spray on coating I’ve ever done.

The brand was Custom Coat, and I don’t know if the coating itself is the same as Raptor Liner, but the bottles that it come in are.


Oh, and make sure to do a thorough job scuffing up the paint prior to applying the bedliner. I use a RO sander with something pretty heavy for automotive work, say 120 grit.
I thought I would monstaline my 80, then I realized I am rust free with no body damage and once you line a truck there is no going back. So I decided to keep mine original and repaint it in a few more years. If my rig was rusted I would have lined it.
Instant irreversible depreciation.

Agree 100%. Plus, the Super White is a single stage paint, no clear coat, so a simple buff and polish will make it look almost new. White is the best color on a Cruiser wagon in my opinion, dont ruin it!
Bedliner exterior appeals to about 25% of the truck-buying public (just a guess) and is a total deal breaker to probably 50%. I wouldn't do it unless you're covering up some shoddy body work or de-flared and don't want to deal with the holes.
I just did Monstaliner to my rig. Original white to White liner (front was repainted white at one point and the shoddy "clear" was pealing) back hatch was severely rusted along with doors and rockers and rear quarters. Took from November to now (as I almost have it all back together) to do the whole thing taking off all doors, hood, hatch lights, windows, door handles. Basically anything that could come off I took off.

Granted I have a WI truck that's Dented / Dinged and Rusted with 300K and doing this might of prolonged the body's eventual death for hopefully another 1-20 years.

Honestly I'd never do it again. Its a pain in the ass to do it right and I'd say I got it about 75% right taking 6 months to do it and basically stripping the truck to a shell. Sanding (do the DA sander - 120 Grit), taping, spraying, rolling. No matter what you do rolling or spraying, the liner gets everywhere - Your shop floor, Parts - you didn't want speckled, yourself, Frame, Sliders, bumper ect.... Plan if you are changing colors to at least have to do 2 coats to do it right.

Don't get me wrong it looks good/ok and I already backed into a tree and the liner didn't even get phased - the main reason I did it was to hopefully ward off some of the rust and cover up existing dents, huge scratches in the paint.

If you have a rig you plan on never getting rid of or wheeling the crap out of, then I would say do it.

If its your DD and you are someday hoping to sell it for big dollars, I wouldn't do it as you are narrowing your list of "potential buyers" down substantially.

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