Thinking of this rear bumper - thoughts?

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Apr 11, 2005
San Francisco
Looking at ordering the Kaymar Ozbar, something they introduced recently.

OzBar Rear Bars, Spare Wheel Carriers, Jerrycan Holders & Accessories

It seems to be meant to be a lower cost option compared to the standard Kaymar, more industrial in nature.

I really like the fact that it does not hang as low as the other Aussie options, and can use the factory hitch. Still has a large step, built in lights, and a lot of options. I'm looking at about $2500 each delivered to the US w/ dual tire swingouts if I buy two complete sets, which is the plan. Shipping is a huge part of the cost, but delivered price is similar to other options all in.

Anyone already have one of these or seen one in the USA?

Good Looking bumper, continues to carry the Kaymar lines which I thought always complimented the 80 series well.
So you're looking at ~ $1000 shipping cost for 2 bumper given the current exchange rate. Overall price point is competitive for the US market.
Order it and keep us updated
I would go with the 4x4 labs. It is right at 2,100 plus shipping so the price may end up being cheaper in total because you would save some money shipping them together. Dual tires are not listed as an option but it can be had that way. However I don't know what the exact price would come out to...

I have also never understood why anyone would put their factory hitch back on below the aftermarket bumper? The only reason I can think of is that it is DOT approved to tow.

I know for a fact that my Labs bumper would be rated much higher than the factory tow hitch but it doesn't make financial sense for Luke to jump through those DOT hoops to get it properly licensed...

Kaymar makes solid products but there are better options out there. You aren't gaining anything in your departure angle anyways especially if you put your factory hitch back on.

So in summation the benefits of the Kaymar are:
-has cool lights in it
-can attach factory hitch for DOT legal towing
-can use factory spare location
-arguably has a bigger area to step up on (I remedy this with a step hitch on my labs)

The benifits of the Labs are:
-higher clearance
-way better departure angle
-arguably stronger
-has a tow hitch
-has an optional winch cut out
-potentially cheaper
-made in Merica
-potentially lighter (less frame and no cross member)

You really can't go wrong with either. I hope my opinion helps you Proton! Let us know what you end up doing.

Landcruiser 80 series rear bumper
hey did you ever order your OzBar? I've been in email contact with Kaymar re shipping two bumpers for my 80 and my 62. thanks.

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