Thinking of joining a LR club!

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Mar 27, 2003
ahhhh, now THAT got your attention!

Truth is I'm quite serious. The problem is that in my neck of the woods (Ontario) there really are very few to no Land Cruisers in general and 80's in particular. There are some LX450s, but not used for off roading. Any of the Land Cruiser groups are heavily 40 focused and not exactly 'local'

I was browsing last night and noticed that there seem to be 2 large, well organized LR clubs in town and that these guys actually go out and wheel and do longer 'expeditions'. Seem to be about my age, etc

Truth is that if I had the $$ I would probably have a few LRs as well (some of the Series LR and a nice Defender 110)

Will you guys still talk to me in the morning :G? Anyone else out there belong to 'mixed company' clubs? I think it would be kind of fun to take my Lexus out and thrash a few Discos, Range Rovers and Freelanders (not sure I can outgun a Defender with my generally stock truck), but I can do better than the Discos - right?

Cheers, Hugh
Junk may never speak to you again, but I think its ok to hang out with lesser beings like Rovers. :G

The AOA rides that I've been going on are made up almost exclusively of Rovers. In fact this year, with the addition of Curran, was the first time they had 2 Cruisers with them. I found the group to be a lot of fun. The Rovers were all very capable and of the people a lot of fun. With a few notable exceptions I think most people that wheel their junk are accepting of anyone else doing the same, regardless of vehicle.

Besides, you’re going to have a lot of fun showing up those Discos. Now would definitely be a time to get one of those LR Recovery Team stickers. :D
The most important thing is to get out and have fun with people that you enjoy being around. Show genuine interest in their vehicle and their accessories and you can all share in getting out and using your trucks.

Go for it.
How are the stock Discos and Range Rovers off road?

I think they are both full time 4WD and I think older modles have a two speed transfer case (don't the newer ones have some electronic version)?

It almost looks like the Discos may actually have better approach and departure angles than 80s (even without the tire down below)

Does anyone know of any good Rover sites - know thy enemy kinda stuff :D

Cheers, Hugh is by far the best Rover site around.

It is the equivalent of IH8MUD for guys that like Rovers.  They are some pretty funny guys over there.  When IH8MUD and Pirate are not working correctly I go check out what they have to say.  It seems like they have more problems than mods to post about.  Hmmm...  Check it out.


Just what are those nifty red lamps in your drop-down gate?

Are they the "LAMPS,REAR FOG" ?

Dan :beer:

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