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Nov 16, 2007
edmonton alberta
so after tears of being a religious vw guy, my brother is thinking he might want a cruiser. he lives in the country, in nova scotia, and their road doesn't get plowed...
he told me he was thinking about getting a truck or a minivan. he knows i jumped on the cruiser band wagon and never looked back. i guess he must have wondered why i am so devoted and it peeked his curiousity.
thing is i never encouraged him to consider a cruiser, i fact when anyone says to me "i love cruisers and want to get one" i usually tell them it's a bad idea.
it is a bit of a masochist love affair.
i did sweeten the deal though... i told him if he flys here we can do a roadtrip back east together in one of my trucks. if he does the up keep on the truck he can use it all he wants.
i would be leery about taking an old cruiser back east, but my bro is a ticketed mechanic, and works for mach as a service rep. and has full use of their shop, sand blasting, paint both, etc...

so i guess i'm planning a road trip to n.s. for the end of the summer.
don't know what truck we will take, i have been looking forward to this for years.
thanks for reading,

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