Things you ask yourself when you are a new 60 series owner

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SGT. Lincoln Osiris
Oct 16, 2017
virginia Beach
Since I purchased my 84 FJ60 there are questions that have appeared in my mind when I brought Sgt. Lincoln Osiris home into one week of ownership. Can you share the questions you thought to yourself when you got your 60 series for the first time ? I have loved the journey and enjoying IH8MUD so much. Mine are:

  1. What in He!! did I get myself into?
  2. What is a Galley Plug & a Carb Fan?
  3. I didn't realize parts can be so expensive for an 80s truck?
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My question/statement to myself after I bought my 62.
Now I want an FJ60.
After I bought my 60
I should of never sold my fj40.
The real question was am I ever going to get over this cruiser madness?
Leave it stock or lift it....

I didn't realise we could still get so many parts from Toyota for the 60's...(this was 1999) (already had an 80 series)

Another cruiser with a square drink holder...what where they thinking.
I bought mine ('86) in 1988. It had 40,000 miles on it. There were a few questions I clearly remember thinking:

  1. I wonder how long I'm going to keep this? (29 years now and counting)
  2. I wonder how many miles I'm going to put on it? (301,000 corrected miles on the odo and its still running good)
  3. I wonder what adventures it's going to take me on? (The most outrageous and best ones of my life).
why can’t i stop smiling and why do i look so cool?!!

aside from that start with what maintenance is needed to make it safe and what mods were done by the po? we’re they done well. hopefully some of these were asked before your purchase but it’s too late now so make it safe. then figure out what mods will make it a part of who you are and how it will function for your lifestyle (rock crawler, adventure rig or pavement pounder). forget about budget. anyone on this forum who says they stuck to their budget is LYING!!
Is it supposed to steer like this?

Why doesn't it stop when you press on the brakes?
I didn't have oil spots in my driveway before I bought this thing...2nd thoughts? DRIVE it and the answer is...Nope!
"Like driver input is more of a suggestion than a command...."

Now I know what it's like to drive an aircraft carrier.
What was I thinking.
I love this truck.
I hate this piece of sh*t
I just drove 1000 miles and did the Rubicon now please God let the truck not explode on the way home.
Now what.
I need more money
I need more power
Why are people staring at me like that.
I dont want to rebuild the front end.
What is that noise. Crap.
I wish I had a Miata right now.
Surprise, another coolant leak.
Yes, its my daily driver. I am an idiot on 37's.
I want an 80 now.
I want a 100 now.
No, Ill just buy a Tacoma.
Oh, look, that is a cool 60 series. Wait I have one already...
How can a 27-year old truck drive this good?

Why didn't I do this 27 years ago?

Why can't I still buy a new car as good as this old one?

How do I convince my wife I need a diesel?
Nothing can really surpass the ultimate joy of becoming a parent. Then going through the death of that child just after 7 years... the intensity to have another overruled any such semblance of rational thinking. While pregnant w/ that second child I made the choice to sell my first truck.... and then my relationship fell away and I realized I HAD to have a new truck cuz the sellers remorse was almost as bad as my bereavement.
Now I’ve got both of the best. Love and hell. A new child and a new to me truck, both fill me to the brim. Some days are more than I can imagine awesome and some are the fing pits. And I know somewhere out there my little girl gives me the extra strength when I want to simply run away from both!
Awesome, I got such a great deal on this piece of history. I can't wait till it starts up again after a 2 year hibernation.
Wait, did the PO tell me about how the aftermarket add-on AC works?
How many consumable items need replaced? Oh ya, ALL OF THEM!
Man, I know now why I got such a great deal.......
Budget, h3ll I am just trying to get it to stay on the road at 45 mph.
I wonder if the odometer is actual miles or "Actual Miles"
Is it ok to drive it with a jerry can strapped in the back as my primary fuel cell. I will just roll the windows down.
How come the technician at the Toyota Dealership told me how nice my Jeep was (three times)? Should I have confidence in their repair?

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