They are still out there! 36K

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Sep 15, 2014
Oklahoma City
I went by my friends dad's dealership to take some measurements on a stock height 100 and when I pulled up his dad came out and said "want to see something really cool?" He proceeded to take me over to the side of the lot they keep their SUV's (mostly Toyota's) and there was this 2004 white beauty! It has right around 36k on it with full service history!! I have never seen a 100 series/LX with a cleaner interior, it even smelled new! The headlights and fog lights have ZERO yellowing or damage outside of a rock chip..The story on this one was they sold it to the owner when it had 8k miles on it back in 2005, and said if you ever want to get rid of it let him know..Well they stayed in touch, and when it came time the elderly owner wanted something newer, he kept his word. The only blemish they had fixed was a scraped bumper cover and drivers side fender, but nothing was replaced. He told me it was already sold, but wondered if the new owner is on Mud?
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"They are still out there!".
I heard this comment from the local Lexus Dealer when I was looking.
I think at the time I was saying I was looking for an LX with 50-60K miles.
A few months later I found my "Unicorn" LX470 with 24K miles.

Did he ever say how much he sold that LX for?

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