Thermotec heat wraps & insulation- thoughts?

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Nov 27, 2003
I noted an interesting article on reducing engine heat in the latest Four Wheeler.
they used Thermotec clamp-on heat shield on the cats & starter as well as wrapping the exhaust.

I have always heard that headerwraps make the header brittle and likely to crack-true?
what about wrapping the y-pipe, that would prob reduce a lot of engine bay heat- wrapping under the key areas under the floor might help prevent heating up the interior as well...
I am thinking of ordering some of the products- wrapping the wiring harness up...some other things and wanted some opinions.

Thermo-Tec: Full Product List
Someone posted about this not to long ago and i mentioned an interesting ride in a buddies FJ-62. He had a vortec conversion and had the exhaust wrapped. We were driving about 30 miles from anywhere when we noticed smoke, I popped the hood and fire was rolling out from the drivers side at the firewall. We finally got the fire out and started looking for damage. We found that an oil leak had soaked the wrap with oil and the heat from the exhaust finally caused it to catch fire. We were lucky, we had an extinguisher and knew how to use it (even though we had to use every bit of the agent - even had to take the top off the extinguisher and pour what little was left in the extinguisher on the last bit of burning exhaust wrap!)
We had so sit on the side of the road and cut all the remaining wrap off the exhaust system before it was safe to drive again.

Personally, I don't thnk its needed.
I have been wanting to do this for a while.
The wrap is sitting in the garage wating to be installed on the Y pipe.
I think it will be a good thing , how good ? not sure yet.

I've wondered if fabbing a heat shield out of aluminum would help (above the Y pipe), it seems like that could help deflect heat downward, and wouldn't hold anything against the pipes. But there are so many factors in play as to how heat moves around under the hood...
When I repaired my wiring harness I used the best firefighting Kevlar and Nomex materials.
I did my pipes after manifod all the way to cats, made a huge difference on heat under hood, floorboard and the heat when you step out of truck. Il post pics tomorrow.


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