Wanted Thermostat Housing for '77 2F

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Mar 27, 2005
United States
Thermostat housing w/cooler for '77 2F

I need a thermo housing for a 77 2F with oil cooler. It will be shipped to 84037. Here's a pic of the one I need... Just need the top.


I'd also be interested in a 4 hole upper and lower thermostat housing, as long as it has the oil cooler. PM or post to this thread if you have them...

housing 2.jpg
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Paypal? PM me your email address if that works....
Got a really nice clean and repainted one here. $20 shipped.
still looking? I have a 77 2f and a couple other housings. I dont think the 77 had a oil cooler though. If I had one that would work I would just give it to you... I am in Provo. What part of utah ore you in?
Yep, still looking. Bummer. I was in Provo tonight at a concert - I live up north in Davis County, but I'm in SLC every day.

Thought I had one, but it ended up being a 4 hole. If you have the one pictured, I'm still looking.

Let me know. Thanks!
Bump - still need a 2 hole with oil cooler upper thermostat housing. I'd be interested in buying a 4 bolt lower and upper housing as well.
If you find a 4 bolt lower, my upper is available. Good luck!
Found one. Thanks everyone...

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