Theft Prevention

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Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
There has to be a easy and fast was to prevent theft. On the FJ60 you could remove the stick from the shifter and they would have no way to put it in gear.
1)On the 80 if you were going to leave it for a long time you could remove the EFIfuse or EFI Main Relay. But that takes time. You need a way to disable the vehicle from the driver seat.
2)The tranny shift lever assembly on my 80 is not screwed in (I keep it that way so when I have to drop the tranny or replace the t-case again, it is one less step I have to do) I think unplugging the connectors for the shifters should disable motor (I will have to try it)
3)Adding a switch to cut motor would work in a mall setting (yes,the 80 is still used by the wife) as it would take time for the theif the find the switch.

The only problem with these ideas is that you would have to do them all the time. It is when you least expect it to happen, it will.
WHen I park my beater at the airport for more than a day, I take several steps. :D

Here's some, but not all. :eek:

Put switch to neither - have a switch that dictates which batt sends juice to the starter.

Pull 7.5 amp IGN fuse - can't start.

Turn power onto ARB compressor - mine's in the rear quarter ps - would scare the poopies right out of them (only gets power when key is on).

There's a few other things I do, but this is the main jist for when I need to leave it at the car thief airports in Newark and NY.
When I have to leave it in a public lot I try to park next to navigators, escelades, H2s.
Have you thought of a kill switch through a latched relay? Basically you interupt a vital circuit say the EFI through a relay. A latch circuit is pretty simple. Once the relay is triggered the relay itself holds it on through a second set of contacts. Power is supplied to the switch through the ignition switch so it is only supplied when the truck is running.
This way everytime you turn off the truck it kills the power to the circuit and it resets itself automatically for the next time you start the truck. You can even use an existing switch for the circuit such as the high/low beam, cigarette lighter anything for that initial trigger. This way nothing odd is apparent to a would be thief.
A lot of guys on the Audi and LC lists I've been on have relayed their headlights, a practice I'm sceptical of. As these systems have aged, a few have lost headlights due to failed relays. I prefer not to add complexity to vital systems. Of course any disabling alarm system is already pretty complex and prone to failure.

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