The worst news I've gotten.

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Mar 22, 2007
San Ramon, CA
Turns out that with the clackin' in my engine I talked about earlier, the oil pump shaft isn't all i need to replace.

Talked to a family friend, who owns a car mechanic shop says with the knocking comes metal to metal contact, the rods are only missing by a couple thousands of a inch so when you dont get the oil in there and there is knocking the rod will shave the metal more resulting in a shakey piston which will later lead to worse problems.


NEW PROJECT! </sarcasm>

lifting the engine out and bringing it to a guy near buy to do some work with the crank.

Planning on selling my dirtbike and Nintendo wii =(
Sorry to hear that. Used engine run around $1000
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and christo has a used 1fzfe block if you could use it...

best of luck
That sucks... I hope you get everything figured out. :( if your seriously thinking of selling the wii and the bike, I'm interested. (just the wii) just let me know a price.

again, sorry things aren't working out.
Haha, The wii I can sell, The best part of it was the camping with my friends for it on my birthday =D

But sorry, I got a cousin whos turning 6 and my Aunt is planning on getting it if she cant get a new one.

If I dont sell it by Monday though to anyone in my family ill PM you
Where are you located?
Recently I saw on the Parting Out Vehicles or For Sale forum someone was parting five 80's and had several engines/trans for sale.
It was probibly Oleg from Irbis offroad. Check old posts by Irbis and you will see what he is parting out.

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