the use of scrap steel

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Nov 24, 2014
does anyone have experience using the steel rails from bed frames as racks, braces, jerry can holders, etc in their trailer build?

reason I ask is i have access to a bunch of scrap like that, mainly bed frames and some other much heavier angle bar and straight bar .... is the bed rail steel weldable and easy to do?

if this is good material to use, Im going to see what i can come up with, as i have though out some ideas for it
the bed rail material I used was pretty much impossible to drill through, and any weld joints were extremely brittle
the thought crossed my mind too as you see them fairly often for free on CL.
I did read some comments on welders site that made me think it was a common material to use for a welder cart.
yes, the material is very easy to come by ... i have noticed with bed frames, there are many different quality ones out there ... in the case Im dealing with, i have rail pieces that are somewhat flimsy but i feel perfect for a gerry can mount or similar concept, but i also have a complete frame that is stout and extremely thick and sturdy and will make a perfect "ladder rack" for my MBT ... one goal of my build is to keep it as low budget as possible with the intent of re-purposing items as much as possible ... hence diving into my scrap pile and see what i can use, or keep an eye out while scrapping or at the junkyard
well, please let us know how it welds
I built the frame for a rear drawer system for my 40 from old bed frames. I have been wheeling it for a couple of years since with no weld failures at the connection points.
Not for serious structural usage. Metal is not hardened in any way DOT will recognize should an issue arise. Gas cans. Slide and shift control ok.
Try your local scrap steel yard, also look at local atv shops they,get quads in metal Cages, they are usually 2x3 steel and they will usually give them away. Good luck, lots of free steel just have to look arround..

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