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Feb 6, 2007
Some of you may know my truck from a few other sites, but I realized I never posted a build thread here are the details of it. I will update it with pics of some of the modifications as time goes on

After a few changes in direction about doing some major mods to my FJ , then deciding to change the motor and s/c , then a few other ideas, After the new TT came out in the Cement color. I toyed with the idea of getting a new one. Then, one came in and I decided to look at it.
12/12/12, I went down and signed the papers .
Here's where the build begins.

2013 Cement TT. Notable mods that are new to me are, Crawl Control and Rear View Camera

"The Rock"
It seems like I rack my brain trying come up with a a name and the meaning behind it. This time it was simple, FJess, thought it looked like a rock . Thank you Jess.


Current pic, as of 9/23/13

Updated picture November 3rd 2013, the night before leaving for SEMA

Featured at
Overland Expo May 2013 Flagstaff AZ
SEMA , November 2013 Las Vegas NV

Mods list


2013 TT
Crawl Control
Rear View Camera
All the TT Garnishes

Icon Stage 6 with CDC
Icon S2 remotes with CDC
Icon rear bump stops
BMC http://www.fjcruiserforums.com/foru...-tech/159378-body-mount-chop.html#post2376386

Total Chaos Spindle gussets/with swaybar http://www.fjcruiserforums.com/foru...sset-install-swaybar-version.html#post2400930
Ricochet Full skid plates http://www.fjcruiserforums.com/forums/ricochet-offroad/162270-ricochet-porn.html
Icon LCA skid for S2 System
Demello X Wing Sliders
Demello Rally Front Bumper
Demello 3 piece rear bumper
Boztec Dif Armor
Redline Landcruiser link skids
Superwinch 12.500 Talon
Synthetic Winch line, Factor 55 thimble and hitch adapter

Stock TRD (SOLD)
Method 17x8.5 Split Six Matte Black
Method 17x8.5 NV's (Second set)

Stock a/t's (SOLD)
Hankook 285/70/17 RT-03 M/T
General Grabber 35/12.50.17 (Second set)

TRD Big Brake Kit

Odyssey PC 2150 battery
Kenwood 9990HD Head Unit
Alpine PDX V9-5 channel amp
Infinity Kappa 60.11cs component speakers
Focal CVX Coaxials
JL Audio 12" Stealth box
Kenwood 710 Dual band Ham
Boztec Antenna mount
I-Pad Retina for navigation
Ram Mounts
ExtremeAir Magnum Air Compressor, 2 gallon tank, Extreme Outback Products http://www.fjcruiserforums.com/forums/4x4-off-road-tech/235201-extremeaire-compressor-install.html
Engel 45
portable cb, somewhere
Scan Gauge II
S-Pod/ Dirty Parts Switch panel http://www.fjcruiserforums.com/forums/member-build-ups/158490-rock-26.html
Dynamat Extreme and insulation of ceiling (post 153)http://www.fjcruiserforums.com/forums/member-build-ups/158490-rock-16.html#post2424781
Katzkin Leather seats

Airaid CAI http://www.fjcruiserforums.com/forums/engine-performance/149635-airaid-cold-air-intake-review.html
Magnaflow SS Cat Back

Baja Racks Utility Rack
Spylight Articulating Light Bar Actuator
Baja Designs 40 " Stealth Bar
Baja Designs Squadron XL's on the bumper (4)
Baja Designs 20" OnX amber (inside front bumper)
Baja Designs 8" OnX Wide driving (in front corners)
Baja Designs 20" Stealth Bar (amber) rear facing
Baja Designs S2"s 3x3 per side
Baja Designs 3x3 Squadrons (in rear corners)

Other Stuff
RK Sport hood
Heyden 678 Transmission cooler
Grape Solar panel 105 Watt
Sunforce Solar Charger 10 amp
Hornblaster Air Horns

Husky Liners
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Feb 6, 2007
Demello Offroad is making a Swing-out . I took my FJ to Riverside CA and left it with Jason for a few weeks to get The major part of the concept off the ground . We installed this at the FJ Cruiser Summit in Ouray Colorado. It will be going back to his shop again, so a production version cam be made
The completed prototype is installed and working
It will have a camera provision, LED lights for the license plate, cut outs dimple die holes and more stuff to make it a complete product.

Its hot in Phoenix. The Rotopax are not liking it.

Something different for the center section. Jason decided to make the areas where the sensors straight down, instead of the angle they had.

He also wrapped the corners farther down. It just gives it a more complete look and will add strength too

The license plate with have the screws that have LED's in them. plus the camera will be mounted to the center section. We will be sourcing the plugs to make an extension camera harness

Feb 6, 2007
Admittedly, I haven't hit any trails that will peel the paint off the side of my truck, but the limited pin striping I got, does scratch the wrap. Otherwise it has held up really well. You can hardly tell there are any scratches
Feb 6, 2007
I switch them back and forth . I really like the Red Letters for the look and size. they ride nice and handle well. They are just too heavy for daily street use. I liked them lots in the desert. It seems you can air them down to almost nothing and still have a sidewall. I think the lugs are deeper, so they handle mud a little better , but wet traction on the street goes to the AT2's , because of the siping . I have had no issues with balancing with either of them. For all around performance the AT2's but in the desert the Red Letters for sure

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