The result of bad torque specs or DAMN YOU MAX ELLERY!!!

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Nov 23, 2007
East Hanover, NJ
SOOOO I am slowly putting my 2f back together. I was torquing down the "whatever the hell that hollow bolt is that connects the oil pump outlet to the oil pump line" bolt and I used 33 f/lbs. As you can see from the picture the results are interesting. Anyway, what is the proper torque spec for this?
Max Ellery -

Wasn't he played by Darren McGavin on "The Night Stalker" in '74?
NO more sloppy crank pully

JoeyG, the problem is you did were being too slow and careful. Really, if you were doing it by feel, your hands would have likely stopped you before you got to that point. Maybe your torkrench lied? Glad to see the addage "shxt happens" applies to someone besides me. :D

OH, and for those of you waiting for my crank pully to go "discus" on me... im changing it so freekin haha, not gona happen. I found one in the ol cruiser guy´s back yard for 25 bucks and it fits TIGHT:bounce::steer::bounce: as for the rod bolts....:flipoff2::flipoff2::flipoff2: He sold his rust free pickup though and saved me from buying my third cruiser, whew. Ah, he does though have an abandoned old Land Rover that looks interesting though, nah.

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