The POWER of a 2F!!

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Jan 5, 2009
just east of Central Park, Mt.
Got bored last week and was wondering what a fresh 2f would produce at the wheels. Lots of excitement, first run up around 3000 rpm heard a boom and shop went white! Was gonna get the doors playing "the end". After getting some fans running and some giggles we went exploring, block heater blew direct onto the header! Now the problem with a 2f, closest block heater was in Denver so doing some presidential engineering, tigged a nut onto the backing plate to replace the stripped threads and replaced. So far so good. Glad this happened where it did and not on the morrison!
Everyone was impressed with the air/fuel ratio, it's running well (for a 2f).
torque comes on early and stays for a while,
hp what can i say

We also had dyno'd sam's 55 with a tired 327. It was 120 hp at 4000 rpm and 198 ft. lbs at the wheels at 2000 rpm
Up next will be the 55 with the 383 when we get it finished, someday The End Ron

fj40 dyno.jpg
I'm glad that didn't happen on the Morrison too!! You're a rock star Ron!

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