The New Rig - 2006 LC

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Mar 23, 2006
New to Seattle, WA

Found this clean 2006 with 120K miles and 3K on complete motor rebuild / swap for $14K on FB Marketplace. Needless to say, I am stoked!

Have a couple aesthetic and safety questions.

1. The front wheels won’t accept the same plastic cover the rear wheels have. The grease cap? sticks out too far. Any ideas there? The PO put these wheels on, I think they may be LX470 wheels?


2. The front driver side seat belt is stuck in a position where you can buckle, but tightly and won’t retract at all. Any tricks there, or just pull and replace it?

3. Best place to get chrome / silver badges to replace these god awful gold ones?:)
I believe those are 200 series LC wheels.
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1: No clue on the wheels.

2: I wouldn't mess around with seat belts. Thats just not my style. I would replace and not think twice.

3: I would just go to the dealer and see what they can do.
They're OEM wheels but not originally for the 100 series. You can either run a spacer on them to clear the center cap or take a dremel to the center cap to allow the hub dust cap to poke through. Pretty common either way. I have spacers for mine to clear the front caps.
Nice cruiser, what's the reason for the motor swap at such little mileage?
Motor rebuilds scare me because if they allowed this epic engine to require this to survive what else was neglected? Either way, it's a beautiful truck and I wish you good luck.

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