The minimum number of jacks, to INCORRECTLY install 1” front spacers

Nov 5, 2006
The minimum number of jacks to incorrectly install 1” spacers is 4. The minimum number is 4 jacks.

As per my custom, I lifted both front tires at the same time, with a floor jack under the front axle. I then put jack stands under the frame. But considering “safety first “, kept the jack under the axle & jack stands just as back up.

Removed the nut under the shock, spring was still tight

Removed the sway arm bracket bolts, spring was still tight

Removed the rear bolt on the control arm, hmmm spring was still tight

Put a jack under the tire on the opposite side, lifted a bit, hmmmm spring was still tight !!!

Out of ideas, quit for the night. Laying in bed, eyes fly open !! HOW IN THE H*LL WILL THERE BE ANY SAG, IF LIFTING UNDER THE AXEL !!!

1 floor jack under the tire on opposite side. (This is worthless & counter productive)

1 sicissor jack under the rear eye of the control arm to assist the ratchet strap when reinstalling the rear bolt in the control arm

1 floor jack to lift the axle & assist in reinstalling the rear control arm bolt

1 bottle jack to recompress the shock

Remember, it’s all about the sag !!! All that is required to correctly install spacers is to remove the nut on the lower shock, the sway bar brackets, and a small bottle jack between the bump stop & axle.

On a related note, what is the torque spec for the rear control arm bolt ?
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Jul 17, 2018
125Ft# comes to mind, but I'll go look it up after my morning coffee.

Rear control arm bolts are 130ft# (4 at rear of truck and rear bolt of front radius arms). Front pair on radius arms are 127 Ft#.
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