The Lean's Buggin Me

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Apr 2, 2003
I have the infamous fj40 lean. I know it gives it character, but mine seems to be worse than other 40's i've had in the past or that i have seen around. Must be a way to fix this. I installed a shim under one corner like suggested and it did help, but I still have the lean. Any other ideas? Body mounts?
Learn to live with it and Love it.

It's really an immutable law of Land Cruisers, akin to the imperfection that are put into persian rugs....

You can spend alot of time, money and effort trying to 'correct' the lean only to have it come back later down the road.
I had my rear springs re-arched by a blacksmith...fixed it.

I put the shim in as a precaution with my lift and it appears I gave it a lean---now to pull it back out!:rolleyes:

Blacksmith idea sounds like a winner
hey , mines got a lean passenger side rear turns out it was an axel wrap for thought???

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