The kind of truck you only see once

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Jul 28, 2012
Stafford Va
Had a customer at the dealer today with this awesome cruiser. He was an older gentleman that was doing a Pan-american trip . He was really friendly and told us all about his travels, and truck . Its a 2009 HZJ 79 , he had the engine swapped out for the 6cyl. diesel that's in it . Not sure of the model , Ill get a picture up. I thought he said it had a 4cyl diesel originally , but is had little power while in the Swiss Alps.
He purchased the truck in Australia I believe is what he said . He was all over the place in talking about his travels . He talked about being in Africa and Europe . He had been to South America and up to Alaska . Said he tried to keep up with people in the Dakar , but they were too fast . A friend of his made the camper on the back and started a business from it . Check out , some good pics on that site too , one pic of this truck air born. Ok lets see how many pictures I can attach .





last few

the truck had tail lights with aluminum housings and LED , I liked the little cage around the assembly . The engine compartment was nice and simple , plenty of room to get to things and work . Interior was simple too , had some nice custom seats .





Truck had a solid front axle , and full floater rear axle . I forgot to ask him if it had lockers in it , and I didn't look for switch's in the cab. We never got under the truck , he had a electrical issue under the hood . He had the belts changed in Canada and a wire to the regulator got nicked . Really nice truck , hope the guy has a good time on the rest of his trip.


That's pretty sweet. And it does have diff locks (4th picture, 3rd post).
I actually met this guy too and talked with him for a while. I believe he's currently about 2/3rds through a 3 year expedition. Shipped the truck from Austria to Argentina, drove up to Alaska and heading back south now. He told me his first big trip was Austria to Mongolia and after that he did Austria to Cape Town.

Pretty cool way to go about retirement IMO...

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