the Iron goat gets longer legs (5th gear :) )

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Dec 2, 2006
Bozeman, MT
Edit: added pictures!

Back in the distant past my parents bought an '82 fj60 (I was around 8 years old) and I inherited it after highschool but school and money forced me to sell it... fast forward to October 06 and my purchase of an '87 fj60.

I bought a new h55f at the same time and now its in and updated

I planned on breaking down the list of stuff I needed to finish my tranny swap and what it costed me but as I'm bored and at my brothers house I'm writing this where I cant get to my receipts....anyway for now a break down of what I did numbers to come later.

new transfer case housing
Marks 4wd gears for the t-case (.92 high, 2.82 low)
knuckle rebuild
arb air lockers front and rear
4.88 diffs
new clutch
rear main seal
oil pan gasket.... cork is the devil

list of stuff left to do is alot longer ;)

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Sounds like a sweet setup.

You know this thread needs pics though....

Iron Goat! Is this the official name of the 60's now?

You asked for pics.:)
Since you cant get to your receipts I give you a safe estimate and say your somewhere north of $500:rolleyes:
I like irongoat as well!
pics will be up here tomorrow, I promise

I kept the old t-case gears... and its not pretty.

Marks 4wd gears are distributed by Advanced Adapters in the states. They aren't the cheapest option by any stretch...$1600 was my bill for them. I'll talk about why I did them over my other options later. No complaints about more gear noise from me. They sound the same as the old gearset.

I started calling her the Iron goat when we were out exploring by an old ghost town and there was a hill climb... a buddy told me it looked like a mountain goat climbing up with the fat body and the skinny little legs. I'll have no taking of her glory:flipoff2:
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Iron Goat! Is this the official name of the 60's now?

You asked for pics.
if that isn't 3 feet tall I'm making it a hood ornament

anyway tomorrow will be a price list (I'll go until I can't see through the tears) and some pics.

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Wow, your '87 FJ60 looks remarkably like mine (I have no pic). Also planning for a H55F, soon as I can afford it.

Why did you get a new transfer case housing? Do Mark's gears require it?

I was getting very fond of the "Iron Goat" designation for all FJ60's. This could even have a little folklore attached to it. "I remember back in 07, it all started with a fella named Jesse T, from Montana I believe. The original Iron Goat climbed this amazing hill ......"

Why doesnt someone put out an official poll and we can take
a vote on what names we like and see if the mutton name
rains supreme...
Can we com up with 10 good names or is that too many?

Cant seem to find what thread it was do you know which
one, and i will start the poll with the top five or so....
the new t-case housing was needed because the old one had a gremlin use a sledge hammer to break out... if you get my drift

I'll take some pics of it tonight with everything else

the only thing you need to do is something like 1-4mm of grinding to make the new gears fit (very minor).


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