The "I sold my 80 and have leftover parts for sale" thread

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Oct 20, 2005
-1 full set (front, 2nd, and cargo) of Husky liners, tan, good used condition. $175.00/shipped to lower 48

- 1 overpriced cup holder to replace the stock cubby. Excellent (dare I say new) condition. $45 shipped to lower 48. SOLD!!! I guess it wasn't TOO overpriced!

-5x Collectors Edition OEM 16" wheels with painted inserts, 4 in awesome condition with LTX's (~40% tread), 1 in semi-crappy condition w/o tire (was the spare). $600.00/set- prefer local sale. Will consider shipping if nobody local steps up.

- Wheel and tire package- $1200. WILL NOT SEPARATE unless no other interest. Again, local sale gets 1st priority. 4x Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Radials - 33x12.50x17. Very mean tread but surprisingly quiet on the road. (Mickey Thompson part number 5273) mounted on Dick Cepek DC-1 wheels. 17x9, 6x5.5 bolt pattern with 4.5" backspacing. These started out polished and I had them powdercoated black chrome right out of the box. I had the powdercoat done on the inside and outside. It is a VERY quality job and is clear coated as well. (Mickey Thompson part number 779412). Adds up to over $2100. Tires in great condition. No uneven wear. Wheels not curbed, also in great shape. Center caps included with stainless hardware. Price is firm.

- 1 set controversial ebay projector lights...the black ones, not the :flamingo: chrome ones. Includes correct $40 harnesses to make them direct plug in w/no modification required. Excellent condition, $175/shipped to lower 48.

- Smittybilt wrinkle finish tail light "protectors". Good condition, $55 shipped to lower 48.

- Smittybilt wrinkle finish step bars, new, never installed. Prefer local sale, $125.

I'm sure I'll find more...
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Got some pics for the Husky liners?
Liner pics... I didn't clean them before pics and they are a little dirty, but I will assure you that its just your normal wipe-off "dirt"- not grease, stains, etc. Also note that the cargo liner has the 3rd seat holes cut out.
i would like to see the rear tail light protectors. did you keep your rear led tail lights also?
I forgot all about the lenses... Yes, I have the rears, but they are not LED,, just the standard red/crystal combo. I had to "modify" them on the back side to work with the light guards, so whoever wants one may want the other. $55 for the guards, $75 for the lenses or $125 for both.
Pics of the step bars please.
Step bars and wheels...there are also brackets for the bars- not pictured.
Spare wheel.
Any idea of the smittybuilt step bars will work for a 1992 FJ80? Do you have all the mounting nuts/bolts/brackets?
How much just for the rear cargo liner?
Dibs on the liners.:)
Not sure on fitment of the bars. The Smittybilt part number is LN59-S4-T. I couldn't find any reference to them for fitment years. Anyone? They do include the brackets and hardware.

Pending sale on liners to Jenny Cruiser.

I don't want to sell the 4 wheels separately, but will separate the ugly spare from the group. $100 shipped. I don't have a center cap for it.

Interested in the step bars if you are willing to ship to 64114. Or if you could get them to Troy, OH, I have relatives there I could get them from.
If the Husky Liners are still available, I am interested in those.

I will PM.

Based on the dims of the bars, they may need to be shipped via truck freight- I'm not crazy about doing that. Its a big pain in the butt and it would probably cost 60 percent of the price of the bars themselves. Troy, OH is about 2.5 hours:steer: from me, so the dropoff thing is probably out as well. I might consider meeting your relatives halfway if you're interested...if they will fit in the Echo. I'd have to be getting 44mpg to make it worth it! Let me know.

Liners are still available. Be careful when inquiring about them. So far, everyone who has told me they want them has apparently fallen off the face of the earth. You could be next!
Payment sent for the liners!:) Sorry for the delay.

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