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Nov 24, 2017
So I figure I better start a build over here in the hardcore section . I have a stock build I am doing as well but posting that over in the tech section . So while searching for parts I came across this 40 for sale . I had big plans for my little red 40 but its to clean to really cut up
And Wheel it hard , so at least for now it will stay stock . I wanted something I can wheel. Something I am not worried about cutting . Any ways long story short I ended up trading my Samurai for this 40 🤷‍♂️ . As they sat my Samurai was the better of the 2. But with some work I know the 40 will be better .


For the most part everything went in pretty easy. I did need to do some trimming on the drivers side mount because it was hitting on the steering shaft . But it’s in now and now I can start to see what I need to order . First I need some headers. And then a radiator.
I got a 40 to 60 axle mount kit from Ruffstuff . For the life of me I can not figure out how the front out rigger is supposed to be placed 🤷‍♂️





I have a set of built fj 60
Axles I plan on using and I will do a spring over then . I can use these lift springs on my other 40 . Win win I think 🤔. Anyways the plan is to swap axles. ( fj 60 with ARB f/r 488 gears Rcv axles . I need to build a cage and get this thing running. It has no wiring 😞 but it came with a brand new harness


I would have to get a new housing made 🤦🏻‍♂️ But in the grand scheme that is not that bad . Actually I might be able to use the front housing for the rear and just cut the ends off and add the FF flanges
So i just took some measurements and in fact i could use my front Diamond for a rear . If i cut the Ball ends off and just weld on some FF flanges. it would have the proper offset even . Kinda hurts to cut my axle but it does no good sitting either . Then i can just get a new front housing and use all my parts
If I cut the ends off my rear FF axle And leave say 4-6 inches. Then get a sleeve for the ID Say 10-12 inches And then cut the ends off my front and join them back. I think it will be plenty strong 🤷‍♂️





Why are you needing to change the axles around a bunch? The centered rear?
Yes. To keep the offset . The diamond axles I have I bought to do a SAS on my FJ c. But kinda dumb to do that now . So since I have them sitting here I can put them to use with minimal work . Then just get a new front housing made that is Pass drop.
Looks like you have a good platform to start with.
Looks like you have a good platform to start with.
Thank you . Yes i agree. its a clean 40. but its not one i would want to do a full resto on . Plus it has some history behind it . I want to make it a nice clean very capable wheeler .
So i talked to Brian this morning ( Front Range ) and he is sending me some new Flanges and some 3.5 tube drops . I will cut both of my Diamond axles OUCH and make 2 new rear FF axles. Pretty easy really . Then i will heve him make a new Front housing but it will just be Pass drop.

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