The front of my A/c Compressor started leaking is this worth fixing or just buy new?

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Feb 28, 2008
My a/c worked great last summer then I went to click it on this year and nothing, so I threw a little freon in the system and it is leaking from the front under the clutch somewhere. I saw there is o-ring kits is this something that can be changed quickly and fairly painlessly or should I just throw down for a new pump? Is there someowhere that will reseal an a/c compressor? I'm located in arizona so if there was somewhere here that would be even more helpful,

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The compressor front seal is not expensive and is easy to replace, but you need a special puller for the clutch.

One idea is to remove the compressor and take it to an A/C shop for replacing the seal. But you will need to visit a friendly shop, 'cause its like taking raw hamburger and a bun to a diner and asking the cook to make you a burger.

I recommend you go to a A/C repair shop for a quote on replacing vs. repairing.

Mike's point is accurate, but if you follow that logic, there's lots of seals to replace on the system, so I wouldn't go too crazy. The compressor seal is the biggest problem and failure area after the compressor has been sitting for some time.

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Any Ideas for finding a decent shop that would do that? I'm in phoenix if anyone knows a place that could help? I really just need to get it through one more summer so I don't want to spend a ton if not needed.
I have the perfect shop for you. I just bought a new compressor from them and they shipped it to me. They beat the price of my local parts shop by $150. They will help you with any questions. Super nice people.

Cool Stream in Tucson, AZ

Talk to Rex and he is also a fellow mudder, which is very cool!
I have a good used one I will let go for cheap. PM me if you are interested.


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