The Frame of Frames :-)

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Apr 17, 2003
Jacksonville, FL
Just picked up my frame from the Galvanizer :D :D :D
Next step is Imron 3.5 Industrial coating as a paint :grinpimp:

Countless hours of stripping undercoat with Eastwood's Undergone: $ Countless

Chemical dip stripping of frame: $400

Sandblasting Frame: $150

Hot-Dip Galvanizing frame: $250

Imron Paint: $ (still have to buy that, I'll let y'all know :confused: ;) )

Having THE absolute most rust-resistant frame possible: PRICELESS :grinpimp: :bounce2:
looks nice.... :beer:

could you have found a smaller trailer?
Hmmm.......glad I live in AZ :D
Why not Powder Coat instead of Paint?
Very cool, the $$$ put toward rustproofing will be well worth it in the long run.
What did you do with any threaded stuff like tapped holes. Just leave them and clean them up with a tap?

I'd also like to see a close up of the texture. :cool:
Gawd dam.....

That is a lot of work for a frame..
Hell, I wouldn't put a body on it!;)


I was just wondering why you were going to paint over the galvanize. I just recently galvanized my FJ60 frame, and am just wondering if the paint is just for looks. I live in Gulf Shores, AL and am just planning on leaving the galvanized exposed. By the way mine only cost $500 for everything.

Caleb West
Thanks for the kind words, guys :grinpimp:

No pics of the paint yet. I just got it from the galvanizer and I haven't purchased the paint yet. Will be probably 1-3 weeks before I will get a chance to paint it, and I'll post pics when I do.

For threaded holes I am going to chase all of them with a tap once the paint is done. The galvanizer told me I would have to chase them just from the galvanizing, and I knew the paint would be an issue.

GULFSHORES: combination of galvanizing PLUS paint is supposed to last 1.5x the sum of the individual techniques. ie: if galvanizing would last 10 years without rust, and the paint would last 10 years, the painted galvanizing would last 30 years (10+10)x1.5 According to some galvanizing websites I checked into.

Hawk: I spoke with the guy from DuPont today about my paint for the body, and I'm hoping to make that nearly as rust proof as the frame (I can't galvanize it :mad: but I wish I could, although the tub from Panama is made with galvanized steel so mainly the welds and the original metal (cowl-forward) is what I need to worry about...)

Poser: that's the only trailer I have acess to :eek: :eek: I could get the frame more forward to help the weight distrubution, but then I was at risk of it hitting my truck every time I made a turn :rolleyes: :eek: .
Oh yeah, I had thought about powdercoat (guy near has oven big enough), but I think paint is easier to touch-up. In fact, the Imron 3.5 requires NO surface prep (not even sanding) to re-coat it.
I have things that have been powder coated, and I find rust can spread rapidly under the layer of powdercoat (like there is no real bond with the metal). Granted, the zinc should minimize that, but I'm just leary of powdercoat, especially since this is a one-time deal (small parts I'd be more likely to consider powder since the could be removed/repaired/redone later if need be).

Here's a good link (page 5 and 6 talks about the synergistic effect of paint and galvanizing); PDFs/Duplex Systems.pdf
HogDriver said:
Are those lawn mowers for sale....

BTW--- TASTY frame!! especially in Jax!!


I rent out space to a guy with a lawnmower repair business, and he does sell some mowers. Need one? ;)

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