The Exhuast Smell

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Sep 14, 2003
Centennial, Colorado
When I start my FJ40 in the garage the garage smells really potent with exhaust. More than I thought would be normal. Would that be that I need a new muffler and piping, or is that to be expected for a 25 year old vehicle?
"I love the smell of Napalm in the morning. Smells like.....

Hey Gumby. Don't forget carbon monoxide is odorless, but it still kills brain cells when it gets the chance!
Which we then bathe in ethyl alcohol for a further darwinian selection process! :D
Hey guys this is no joke, a good friend of mine died this week four wheeling. He became stuck in a mudhole and called another friend to pull him out. While he was waiting, he sat in the truck with it idling and with the a/c on. This was not an old beater and he was not a dumbass, but apparently there was a small exhaust leak into the cab and he died from carbon monoxide poisoning. He was a 14 year vetern of the local police dept with a wife and three kids. This is life and death stuff, if you smell exhaust in your cab, GET IT FIXED ASAP. :'(
You might move the rig out of the garage before starting it. :slap:
Had my exhaust system checked out at a shop today. The mechanic there said that it may be leaking from the non-stock header, he wasn't sure. He also said that the carb was running a little rich and that might be doing it as well. My Toyota mechanic said that these things are suppose to run a little rich.

Curious if others who are "carb literate" run their carbs rich or not. If not, wich screw do you adjust. The haynes manual wasn't real clear on this.
My FJ62 (3FE - fuel injected) was running rich because the fuel pressure regulator was failing closed. The exhaust smelled strongly of sulfur. I replaced the FPR a few days ago and now I can't smell the exhaust at all. So you may very well be running rich.

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