The end of the LX470 Production is near

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Mar 28, 2003
Good afternoon everyone,

I was browsing the Motor Trend website and this is what I came up on:

2006 Lexus VX 470: Replacing the Land Cruiser twin LX 470 is a luxury version of the larger Sequoia.

This is the link to it:

I started to wonder if Toyota is considering to pull out the Landcruiser form the US line ???? Hope not

Thanks for that post.

Elsewhere in the same article, I found the following statement...

"2004 Toyota Land Cruiser: Production scheduled to end on the Land Cruiser. The success of the Tundra-based Sequoia will influence the decisions on the next generation Land Cruiser."

I read that meaning the 2004 model will be the last. Somethin' to think about...

Cheers, R -
I guess it was bound to happen. Screw those soccer moms! Hey wait! That might not be a bad idea! LOL!! :D
I am guessing that toyota will continue the landcruiser name. The name its self has value. People in the states know the name landcruiser. Even if people dont buy it to use it offroad, it is still known for reliability. My mom has an bmw x5 and the 99 cruiser's interior is holding up better than an 02 x5. They just make cruisers right. It would be a shame to totally drop the landcruiser name/legacy. Will it live on in the new fj? This could be me just hoping for the best...

What a Load of s***: 2/3 of all Landcruisers, Are sold in Australia - As if they would sell an American peice of Junk.
I am still yet to see a current model Ford Explorer anywhere except on the Internet. - Why?
Only problem with Landcruisers is that they are so exspensive. :mad: - A basic HZJ79 is more that $45,000 + On road costs. :eek:
Nobody said Australia wasn't going to get a real Cruiser. It will just be us Americans that won't get them and get a luxed up and rebadged Sequoia instead. :(

If people here want the real thing badly enough they will still manage to get it.
Based on the US market it does make sense... :(
BTW Rogue, great avatar. LMAO. :G
there has been talk of this since the '02 model LX, but toyota has really been hush-hush about it. Looks to be true though.
BTW Rogue, great avatar. LMAO.  :G

From one of the greatest movies ever.  To thumbs up from Siskel (he is dead, so we will just assume) and Rogue.
I don't think that Toyota is going to get rid of the Land Cruiser totally, I figure they will just stop production of the wagons, specifically the FJ-100, which are rarer and rarer on toyota lots these days. Anyway, I figure they will transition the land cruiser badge on to some version of the FJ concept vehical that we all saw making the rounds at the auto shows recently. As for the rest of the world, I seriously doubt that they will totally stop the production of the LC line, they are the workhorse rig of choice in so many countries that Toyota wouldn't dare to stop making them. -John
An FZJ105 is quite the rare rig to see here in the states. In fact I have never seen one. I am more used to seeing the diminishing suply of UZJ100s though.

I tried to explain to the parentals the the 100 was the way to go. They went GM. It is the soccer mom attitude that is killing the poor things.

The Cruiser is likely one of the best vehicles ever produced, and it is going away because of some soccer moms.

Maybe they will start making the 105 US compatible for the real Cruiserheads, or maybe I am just dreaming again. :(
Interesting thread. I wonder where the landcruiser is made currently.

I know that the Tundra engine is made in WestVirginia, and that the Tundra is assembled in the US at Princeton IN. Not sure if Sequoia production is US based also.

I have thought ever since seeing the Sequoia that there was a serious overlap with the Landcruiser. However, there is a heckofa lot more built up value in the Landcruiser name than in the Sequoia. I think Toyota would be dumb to remove the Landcruiser brand from the US market. Here in CT fairfield county, there are tons of Cruisers....way more than any Sequoias you see. I know its expensive and therefore a limited production run vehicle, but so are all the big SUV's. Without an entry in this end of the auto market, a car company was truly missing out over the last 15 years.
Interesting thread. I wonder where the landcruiser is made currently.

The 100 series is built by Araco for Toyota. They also build the Toyota Buses seen elsewhere around the world.

Have you ever wondered about the little sticker in the door jam?
Why would Toyota not just rebadge the Sequoia as a LC for sale here in the US? It wouldn't cost them anything they could see. It's made here. They could avoid tariffs. The American public would buy an overpriced pickup with a body on it. Every other SUV out there is based on some other platform and makes HUGE profits. It doesn't work in the rest of the world where they use their trucks, but it sure works here.

It would suck for us, be great for them and the rest of the country wouldn't care.

I think they are going to market the FJ concept as a Toyota brand. They wouldn't want brand confusion to lower the general public's concept that a LC is a high priced vehicle. I could be wrong. If they get rid of the 100 series and don't replace it in our market, then that would be a moot point.
Why would Toyota not just rebadge the Sequoia as a LC for sale here in the US?

There is already a Toyota Sequoia so how could they sell the same thing as a Landcruiser? It also makes sense that they would have a Lexus version of the Sequoia since the average Lexus LX470 buyer is interested in size and luxury not off road performance.

As for whether they might continue with a landcruiser, I assume Toyota will continue to build a landcruiser for the rest of the world but the roads in north america may be too darn good for it, and offroaders are not a market. I will bet there is nobody buying brand new landcruisers/LX470's in north america to take them offroad.

It may be that the most folks can hope for is the same thing Mercedes does for the G-wagen, or maybe a grey market.
All Landcruiser bodies have and are made by Araco in Japan, Some Landcruiser BJ25's were assembled in Australia during the 1950's. :slap:

The Mitsubishi Magna(Diamante) is 100% made in Australia.  :D
Toyota currently make the Camry and Avalon in Melbourne, even though they sell more Landcruisers than Camry's and Avalon's combined.  :eek:

[Colour=Purple]<Dreaming>[/Colour] HZJ79 with Bull Bar, Tow Bar, Snorkel, Air Conditioning and Diff Locks :) - About $60,000 :mad: [colour=Purple]</Dreaming>[/colour]

There are a few other countries making Land Cruisers, Venezula for one is still building an 80 series Land Cruiser. I think Brazil made 40's for a while and maybe South Africa (not sure on that one though)


Hee hee... he said "Colour=Purple" and it didn't work... :G
Who's going to tell him Colour is spelled color?
What ever happened to the guy on the SOR boards who said he could import 80s from Venezula?

It was right when I joined the forums, and as I recall the thread was chased off the forums right away by people freaking out over the fact that he was offering to sell something on the SOR boards. That was the most ridiculous rule.

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