The Destruction has Begun

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Oct 22, 2004
Clemson, SC
Well I have begun the prep work for my member of the month project. The seats I took out last week, tonight I pulled and drained the gas tank.....drilled out the "floor board" the previous owner rivited in over absolutley nothing.....then JP and I pulled and ripped and sawed out the tranny hump....gonna need a new one of those after that!!! Can we say fiberglass.......As long as things go well we'll be pullin the tranny and tcase out thurs night.

For my project date I plan on doing it the 18th of February.....Let me know who can come, if that date aint good I can push it to the 25th.

What to fix......Rebuild my disk brake axle and install.....install 4 speed tranny and tcase along with a new rear main seal...if the 4 speed goes smoothly then we'll install the new floor....not sure if I'll have the tranny hump by then but that's a minor thing......If things get boring bring a grinder and I'll have some paint wheels to grind out the PO's jackass job of installing line-x crap.

I'm odering the rebuild kit for the axle friday and rear main seal if different from a 2f....need to get the tcase welded up before then(small crack).....I've got the metal for the floor.....need to buy some spools of wire so I don't use up all of JP's......need to rebuild calipers....Need to find out how much a rebuild kit is, may be cheaper and easier to use those as core's and get new rebuilt ones.....Marshall has the hookup for me on the brake lines for the front....

Things left to do....finish cutting out rot....remove front drum axle....

Things after project day...converting rear axles to disk brake....install brake booster and mastercylinder....and put on lift kit..

Once all that is complete My cruiser should be able to Rock and Roll.....may need a little fine tuning but it'll be light years beyond where it is now....all thanks to all of you fellow cruiser heads!!!!
I'm going to put in an early vote for the 25th. I think that having your day the weekend after v-day isnt the best since v-day is in the middle of the week and we are all going to have to commit to some sort of dinner/movie/date/whatever. Other thoughts on that?
Well I got off work a little early today, so I had some daylight left once I got home. Went out and got the rest of the tranny hump off and finished cuttin out the floor board on the drivers side.. needs a little clean up there before the new sheet goes in. I'm surprised that floor held anything....was able to break some of it off with my hands.

Anyone headed to David's or Alan's for anything...would like to get a hold of them to see how much of a rebuild it's gonna require or if it's just gonna be easier to use them as cores and get new ones? JP? you goin up to the mountains anytime that ya know of. If I get a chance to head up there I'll let ya know. Thanks!
Calipers are dirt cheap if you have cores. Thats the way to go. Advance Auto.
Thanks Alan....that's what I am thinkin, plus one less thing for me to screw up tryin to rebuild. And I've got new ones as soon as I leave Advanced.
As long as you passed the cash on to sputnik.
Well JP, Rudy, Brian and I pulled the tranny, tcase, and clutch...couldn't get the fly wheel off had to put some liquid wrench till I get some PB blaster tomorrow....gotta pull the flywheel to get the bell housing off....I need a 4 speed bell housing, anybody got one???? Then I'll replace the rear main seal. The work continues!!
Have secured a 4speed bell housing....cha-ching!!! Will be here next week.
CruisinTiger said:
Have secured a 4speed bell housing....cha-ching!!! Will be here next week.

I aint seen no payment or shipping address :doh:

bwahahahaha ;)
Chuck I think we have you a clutch disk if you want it too man. Its in our junk trailer that we were gonna take to the dump. But you can check it out and take it if its good. I'll be at the house all day working on my cruiser if you want to drop by.
If ya'll don 't have one I have one and the pressure plate that is probably a quarter worn. Took it off my 76 when I did the rear main seal. It's free to a good home.
Hey Alan...forgot to mention but I finally got your 3speed out. I'm gonna clean it up and it's all yours!!! Do you want the bell housing also? I figure I'd give ya the tranny too...if nothin else you could tear it apart and use it as a model if ya ever had to rip a 4 speed apart to do a rebuild. I'm sure their has to be some similarities between the 2.

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