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Aug 9, 2016
Cascade Foothills above Eagle Creek, Oregon 🇺🇸
Known as the “Paint Shaker” because of its vibration, the 4BT isn’t for everyone. These 4BT motors get a bad rap but I’ve been working hard to tame the beast. The vibration had me searching and reading. The vibration wasn’t bad just had me thinking there’s gotta be something that makes it better. I finally found an answer that might help and easy to install but not so easy on the wallet.
A friend got me in touch with a buddy who owns Rowe Tech in Portland, Oregon. Cedar said he could saved me some money on a Fluidampr and shipping. Saving money is always good as long as the product does what it says...
So I met him this morning and picked up the Fluidampr on his way into work. Currently Cedar is working on a 4BT/ NV4500 swap on an 80s series. He was just as anxious to know the results.
The Fluidampr rode shotgun all day with me in the work truck. I was so anxious to see what this product could do. It was like a never ending case of the Monday’s....:crybaby:
Got to our shop and finally had time to replace my front crank pulley with this beefy Fluidampr.

The contender, The Fluidampr weighing in at just under 25 pounds vs the stock ~ 2 pound crank pulley.

Put some blue loctite on the bolt threads and torqued bolts to 100 ft/lbs.

Installed and ready to roll.
I’ve been very excited about this 4BT/ NV4500 build. I’ve worked through a lot of steps forward and back. It’s amazing when you get a product with an instant result. Driving my 60 home was like I was driving in another vehicle. The Fluidampr even added more power. I felt more bottom end torque. I was impressed with how much it smoothed out the 4BT. The 4BT was so quiet on the highway. 1600 rpm’s at 55 mph. The 2F was running at 2500 rpm’s at 55 mph... o_O
In the 60 section the 4BT swap feels like the Dark Side of the Force. As I said it’s not for everyone, a R2.8 Cummins would be sick too but I’m stocked about this little 3.9L 4BT Cummins in my 60.
Dec 3, 2019
Always ran these on my 1JZs, OEM was prone to splitting and more often than not was out of balance. It's a great product.

Love your truck!!

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