The Cove: June 18th,19th,20th

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Dec 11, 2006
Rockwall, TX
Got a ride planned for June 18th-20th at The Cove and Flat Rock. Most guys are camping at Nickajack Lake. Currently 3 Cruisers(Tim Meade, John Drose, Trae Drose), 1 Samurai(Mark Pierce), and a Gary Smart & Scooter are suppose to be bringing there built mini truck. The Cove ride is being lead by Bucky White from Whitwell. Some of the Axle Twister guys are coming along too.

If you want to ride or meet up with us one day reply to this post.
Where is it? Thanks,

Where is it? Thanks,


Trails can be accessed from Tracy City, Whitwell, Jasper and Monteagle. It's approx. 30 miles Northwest of Chattanooga. It takes me less than two hours going down 24E from Nashville to get to several of the entrances. You can seriously ride for days, but your really need a guide, which we have for this trip. Pictures can be found on the tread in this section labeled "the cove".

Any further questions let me know and I can pm my cell #.

Sounds like a great spot, and close to Nashville... When is GSMTR, the same week?


GSMTR is a fund raiser for Rescue Tellico. I know the trails will most likely be closed but it will be a great social event. Upstate has some great activies planned. Please attend and support the effort to get Tellico reopened.
I think we might ride over to Tellico, but not sure which day. We want to support the cause as well. :)
What is the "cove" ? national park land? Do you guys camp in the area?
What is the "cove" ? national park land? Do you guys camp in the area?

The part we did at New Years was just a county road. That's how it showed up on the GPS.

We camped along the trail. We were out there for 3 days/ 2 nights and saw less than 10 other people the whole time.

This is one of the best kept secrets around. It's one of my favorite places to go.

Here's the New Year's thread
Sounds like a good place to go. I use to live in Hendersonville, TN a few years ago and still enjoy driving around in TN when time permits. Work took me to Huntsville, AL though (live south of there).

I'll have to check this out.. Maybe I can work it out to show up for a day or two.

Still working on my truck, here and there. Looking to install dual batteries and then get my winch operational.... guess everyone has something going on.

I hear my old work place in Madison (Nashville) is shutdown...the plant there (Peterbilt)

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