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Nov 26, 2005
This thread is inspiration for Bobby to pinch those penny's so he can buy his first car. :steer: Feel free to share what your first vehicle was and how much it cost and what you did to it... or in it. :flush:

To start off, 90% of my vehicles that I "build" for a flip are sold to friends' kids which are mostly the 20ish and younger crowd.. I generally don't make much on them and I don't intend to make any on this one.

The rig is a 90 4runner V6 5speed. A friend called me 9 months ago to come check it out, it was given to him and he wanted to fix it up for his 16 year old son. The major issue is that it changed hands several time and was originally from California with $330 in back fees owed on it with the obligatory "misplaced title". There was a string of "bill of sales" but the one from the original owner to the first purchaser was conspicuously absent. My buddy didn't want to deal with it and it needed too much work so he called me up in January and said I could have it and to get it out from in front of his house. Once I towed it home Chris informed me that Bobby wanted it but had to save up some money first.
The biggest problem with the body is the hood has one broken hinge and is partially mangled. My guess is it flew up on the freeway at some point. The rest isn't too bad looking. Won't be fixing the hood as that's just cosmetic. We are shooting for lowest price possible here! Projected cost is $850.

My buddy had already cleaned out the interior and its actually pretty presentable! Can't say I love the poop brown color.

It runs and drives but does none of it particularly well. It has 230k on it BUT there is evidence that the head gaskets have been done. I took a gamble and drove down to Yreka to see about obtaining a title. I was concerned I might end up in jail for purchasing a stolen vehicle but I was in and out of the DMV within 45 minutes and they waived most of the back fees! I transferred the ownership of a vehicle with threes sketchy hand written bill of sales! I got out of there for just $132 for a missing title plus title transfer! Two weeks later I have a California title for the truck with my name on it, super weird!
Now we can proceed!

So on the list of things it needs:

Fan (stock one was mangled)
both front axles (binds in 4wd, both outer boots shredded.)
air intake (duct taped and leaking)
spark plug wires (falling apart)
clutch master cylinder (leaks)
rear half of exhaust (flowmaster and missing back half)
Tires (bald)
front shocks (bounces more than a 6-fo Impala)
valve cover gaskets (drips directly on the exhaust... A LOT!)

Jared donated a new plastic fan he had squirreled away. I put that in and installed some new plug wires too. The old wires fell apart in my hand! Looks like it has a newer radiator. Doesn't have a fan shroud but doesn't over heat either.

Did a little work on it tonight. Here's the leaking master cylinder. It was dribbling out the back and you had to pump it a couple times to get it to work. I'm not convinced it won't need a slave cylinder too but we'll see. The threaded end was literally less than a turn on to the clevis to the brake pedal. It fell off after just a half a turn!

New one installed. I ran some fluid through it and the pedal is still a little funny. I'll bleed it some more eventually to see if I can get it better.

Installed the back half of the exhaust. It had a flowmaster that dead ended right before the rear axle and it was just hanging off the catalytic converter. It was super loud and obnoxious and probably got fumes in the cab. You can see the soot mark on the rear axle where it previously dumped. New muffler back which fit perfectly and is nice and quiet!

You can see the new exhaust tip sticking out the back, its nice and tight to the bumper so he doesn't drag it on McGrew.

Here's the band-aid on the intake tube. It definitely leaks!

Also I was gonna throw other wheels and tires on it but I ran across a "special" lug nut. I don't have the key for this one, does anyone out there have a socket to get this one off? I'm not gonna reuse it so I don't wanna buy a socket but I wanted to try and get it off without power tools so I don't mangle the threads or wheel.

Save those pennies Bobby!

This was my first car. $1600. Worked at Mc'Ds and missed every fun Thurs-Sun in HS working to pay for it.

74 karmann ghia by retrofive, on Flickr
Jamister I have a bunch of random (make it yourself) cold air intake sections that you can use instead of that patch. And I also have an old school unisocket for that lug nut as long as its smaller then3/4. Might also accidentally have a set of fel pro VC gaskets too.

And side note, what are you doing with that flowmaster? Helping a friend get his rig ready and his entire exhaust is rotten
And back to the other question, I don't have a picture, but 1st vehicle was an 85 diesel jetta. Came with a full tank of fuel and that entire summer I only had to put a $20 in the gas tank. Then traded it for my 1st 4x4 (79 power wagon) and the sickness began
72 Datsun 240Z and the only problem was that is was an auto. Those dual carbs were a bitch to tune and it always hesitated. BUT I learned to drive in a 69 FJ40, respect it :steer:
88 Subaru Wagon... rusty as all get out! Gift from my step dad at the time... He paid a dollar for it from a friend... Later found out it had been jumped in it's previous life. So rusty that I put a floor jack through the floor once trying to change a tire.... I used some chrome spray pant to hide the worst rust spots.... Transmission (auto) did a weird thing... it stopped going backwards. And I don't mean reverse went out, I mean the tires would not roll in a reverse direction, you couldn't tow it backwards... So I parked creatively for a few months, then one day it wouldn't go forward either.... So I learned how to drive stick that day...

Sold it for $35 to a junk yard. Learned that I better learn how to fix cars, cause they aren't worth anything if they don't run....

Also, serious make out times with Heather Schoppa in that thing.... Ah, the good ol days!! :cheers:
'67 Ford Galaxy500/LTD w/390cid.
Excellent make out car with the cloth 'score card' seats.
Had an electric front seat. We'd get messed up and go out to the beach and what I thought was fun
was to slam on the brakes and roll the seat forward with the switch. Passengers never really saw the 'funny' in that.
The car was t-boned one night. B pillar bent in. The window would not roll down but the door worked.
Finally sold it for $50 after 5 or 6 years.
It was a long time ago but I have no memory of any maintenance performed... at all. Must have done sumpin' though.
Just saw this thread today, I'll show Bobby when he gets home. He's jazzed at the prospect and I'm glad Jesse's looking out for problems ahead of time!:clap: His Dad's first ride?? A 1962 Chevy C10 fleetside with a 283 and 3 on the tree! I'd like that back. Paid $600, helped my Grandpa do a valve job and give it a new paint job. It was perty green. So was a bunch of my clothes.:steer:
Better rattle Bobbies chain while his Mom and I are in SoCal 4/1 through 4/7. He may spend money throwing some epic parties while we're away!!:popcorn::beer::rimshot: Maybe attend the party and make sure "they" don't do anything "bad". :rolleyes:
Jesse's the only guy I know that can work on a Runner so long it ends up looking a lot like a Honda! Bobbies first real "car of his own"...........Jesse you da man ... You da man! :clap:
Bobbies honda.jpg
Glad he likes it. On the other hand that 4runner has a burnt valve and mismatched gears front and rear which I discovered AFTER I did everything else on the list to it. Oh well, it got pushed to the back of the garage. Might get to it this summer.
Yeah, let me know next time you are down there. I'll have to try and figure out what ratio is in there.
My first car that I paid for was a 1961 Plymouth Valiant with a push button transmission. She was Canary Yellow with a red interior. I paid $65 a month for 6 months. Never did get the pink slip.

I remember Steve at Progressive auto parts had a "yard mobile" for driving around the junk yard pulling parts. It was a bodyless valiant with a couple rocking chairs and that push button tranny! It was a runner....well, around the yard!

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