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Jan 21, 2005
Powell River, BC
I attended the Four Wheel Drive Association of BC's convention yesterday after I finished up work in the morning. It was an extremely positive meeting and things are looking better, unlike the fall convention where it was rather deperessing.
Some changes that have been made:

A new website:

The old .ca site is still up but will be nuked soon.

The Backroader magazine:

Dave Harries (cruiser Dave, a member of NCOAS) is the new editor and they now have a new issue out finally. Its back up to 'Gerry Bolduc' perfection and the plan as I understand is to get it out twice a year minimum.

Region 2:

Region 2 meetings had been cancelled since sometime last year from lack of interest. I suspect this will change a bit now with a backroader being produced again and the positive things happening. There will be more info regarding region 2 meetings in the near future, as a new location has to be found and date set.

Steve Dillen (Herd of Turtles) has been doing a great job leading the monthly Sunrise Lake maintenanence runs. His hard work has paid off by introducing a lot ofg new faces to the 4WDABC, and earned him this years 'four wheeler of the year'. A prestigious award indeed! (And not just because my name is on the plaque as well :cool: ).

Of all the conventions I've attended, this was one of the largest. It was hosted by the Herd of Turtles at Coglhan Hall in Aldergrove. There was an excellent lunch, and some very nice prizes. Top prize was the satellite phone, followed by a $500 gift certificate for Toyo tires, and Fountain tire also was giving away a set of tires as well. I won a pro-comp tug strap.
McTague would probably clean house at these events.

So in our next club meetings, I'm going to once again push to get the club to join. Its an extra $15/year per member (vs $30 for individual membership).

Its a lovely day outside, so I think I'm going to attempt to fire up my fj45..its been a little while since it purred.
I think sooner rather then later we will need to support the one voice we have in landuse issues for 4WD vehicles in BC. Look at what is happening in Alta.

I am all for that Jeff...


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