Builds The Architect's '77 FJ40

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GA Architect

Feb 14, 2014
Woodstock, GA
After months of modifications and upgrades, I've decided to start my own thread to document the transformation and maintenance of my '77 FJ40. It will be sort of a log to help me keep track of what I've done to my Land Cruiser. I've tried to post most of my work in the "What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week" thread, but I should be able to keep better track of them here.

I'll start at the beginning, here are a few photos taken of my FJ40 within 5 minutes of the first time I saw it 03/06/2014.


After receiving my rig, I found a local Land Cruiser shop to do a through maintenance check on my newly acquired FJ40. With this review came a few items to address, exhaust leaks, manifold leaks, desmog and the power steering upgrade.

So, my 40 had the intake & exhaust manifolds decked an new Toyota gaskets installed. Smog stuff removed, a new exhaust system and power steering was installed.

New Power Steering box:
140327 - FJ40 001.JPG

Originally Smogged:
One glaring item that had to go was the carpeted dash. While my rig was getting the maintenance work done, and using MUD to research what I wanted, I ordered the unit. This was my first personal modification, I removed the old dash and installed the new.


140327 - FJ40 005.JPG
Next up, the suspension, wheels and tire upgrade. I ordered the OME 2.5" lift, a Warn Winch cover and a set of stock steelies. I Had the stock rims widened out to 9" to hold the new 33X12.50X15 Goodyear Duratrac's. What a major appearance change this made to my 40.



This was followed by a few smaller modifications. I made a template for the floor mats and cut my own. Installed the transfer to transmission by-pass hose along with a fluid change. Bent up a new fuel supply line.

Old floor mats:
Original Floor Mats.JPG

New floor mats:

New Floor Mats.JPG

Transmission to Transfer Case line:
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How do you like the piece? I am seriously considering it.
It wasn't too hard to beat what I had, as you could see. It was a toss up as to going to try for an OEM type dash or the virtually indestructible Cost and durability won out. Some say they might have issues with the little logo on the leading edge, but it is obscured by the steering wheel. After a few drives, I never really noticed it again. I'm very happy with my purchase. One less item I have to worry about on my rig for many years to come, if ever again.
Here were a couple of other modifications that came along the way. Installed an assist handle above each door. Purchased a stainless steel non JIS metric bolt kit.

Assist handle:
Handle #2.JPG

Stainless Steel bolt kit:
S-S KIT.jpeg
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I've installed some new CCOT seat belts, Procar seats, OEM gas tank, OEM fuel filter, new fuel lines. Most of this can be seen in this thread.

Procar seats:

OEM Fuel Tank:

New fuel lines:

Procar seat bracket & fuel tank cover:
thats a very nice 40, your doing all the right stuff......and you started with a great rig
A few months ago, I had Jim C. rebuild my Aisan Carb, but in the mean time, I used a Trollhole. I was impressed with the Trollhole carb, and have peace of mind knowing I have such a nice back-up carb since reinstalling my Aisan.

Trollhole carb along with an updated Coolerman's connector:


Aisan post Jim C's rebuild:

thats a very nice 40, your doing all the right stuff......and you started with a great rig
Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm trying to do the right thing....At the same time, trying to keep it on the road as much as possible.
Here was a nice addition to my 40, a fully functioning carb cooling fan system. Being my rig originally didn't have one, I had to fab new brackets and install all new wiring for this. Here is a thread I did that has some good info for wiring, Carb Cooling Fan - Wiring Help. Got the fan from CruiserYard, the switch from Waytek (In-power), and a blessing from Coolerman.

Carb Fan:

Thermo sensor:

20 minute switch:
I didn't like the aftermarket coil sitting in my rig, so I found OEM one. You know, it is hard to think about or rationalize buying a 37 year old part! Let alone, being happy that I did......Well, I'm happy as can be! Guess what, I found another '77 coil and bought it too.

I also installed new plug and plug wires.

Old coil:


New coil....(doesn't really sound right for the part)...OK, new 37 year old OEM coil for my FJ40.
Been reviewing the LED lights for a while, so I bought a few. All I can say, NICE! I can actually read my fuel gauge at night, which is the only one that really matters anyway. And replaced the driving lights in the front.

Old lights on the passenger side & new LED's on the drivers. This photo speaks for itself:


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