The anti-freeze inside the container is almost empty, why?

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Add enough coolant to cover the hose and see if you are getting bubbles in the overflow container with the engine running. It so, it's probably a bad headgasket.
Also, take a deep whiff of the overflow container. If it smells like gas, it's also an indicator of a bad headgasket.
What year landcruiser? Original Headgasket?

Timeframe of "missing" coolant? Week? Month? 6 months?
It is a 97 with 153K miles. Based on the service records, I believe it has the original HG. Last time I checked under the hood was back in March or April.
It is a 97 with 153K miles. Based on the service records, I believe it has the original HG. Last time I checked under the hood was back in March or April.

So you lost exactly how much coolant? You need to give better details, otherwise all we can do is guess that you popped the HG, which is more than likely what it will come down to but devil is in the details you give or omit.
I checked the level back in March or Apirl, the coolant was at "Full", but when I checked the container yesterday, it was almost completely empty. So I refilled it at "Full Mark", and drove 120 miles, the coolant level remained at "Full".

I used Toyota Red, and same as the PO (I am the second owner). The LC has no blue smoke, no overheat, and don't see any oli leaks from the HG area.
Check you PHH and look for white/pink crust around any of the hose connections in the engine compartment. I had a small amount of seepage when the engine was cold. Snugging the hose clamps stopped the problem for me.
I had this happen to mine. I thought it was a really slow head gasket leak. It was the radiator, top part where it's pinched together. It was very hard to see until it got leaking a lot. Hope this helps.
You realize the level changes significantly as the engine heats/cools, correct?

x2, plus, you are probably loosing a little somewhere. No reason to panic but you should keep an eye on it.:meh: Check the radiator and all your hoses and connections, a small leak can be hard to find.
Check the level in the reservoir when the engine is hot. Should be nearer to the top line than the bottom line. When cold, should be nearer to the bottom line than the top line. As long as the level is between the two lines at the engine temperature extremes, you're OK. If those levels change over time, then you've got a leak somewhere.
x2 on looking this thing all over for white crusting on hose joints before going & jumping to conclusions - unless you have excessive white smoke on startup & throwing codes & getting the "check engine" light.

Now that you have topped up the coolant, watch it like a hawk for the next couple weeks - PHH ever been changed yet? Changed out any hoses? Give the thing a major inspection with a GOOD worklight in hand - get some major light on the situation & make sure it isn't some easy fix.

When my HG popped, I never got the hydrocarbon smell in my coolant overflow tank - and the milky oil thing wasn't a good indicator either since these nearly always pop going cooling jacket to #6 cylinder , so the best indicator you get is more white smoke(steam) on startup at it has some time to bleed pressure & coolant into the chamber while it sits after you turn off the motor. Worse come to worse, it might just be time to change out the HG anyhow at you are on the upper range of when the 1st HG tends to go, but only after you rule out all other places coolant might be sneaking out on you.

I'm a believer now that any 1FZ-FE motor I get in the future will get a new headgasket as PM - the odds just don't justify getting caught with your pants down both financially & situationally when you can expect these gaskets to go & plan ahead & do it on your budget & in your own timeframe (weekend job).
Ditto on PHH and radiator seam, I've been there and done that too. I've also had slow seepage/evaporating leaks on the small hoses (3) that go to and from the intake/throttle body and all 9 (8 +PHH) that comprise the heater/climate controll......what were they thinking ?
Took it to the shop today, and they found bubbles in the coolant tank, so it is a bad HG.

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