the advantages of buying an 80 from a mud member

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Oct 16, 2011
olympia wa
sometimes you find pleasant hidden surprises in all four doors. now i just need to upgrade the head unit
Thats great

But, that speaker does look like it is install correctly.

with the door panel pressing against the speaker surround and foam like that there is no way that you are getting the most out of that speaker

That speaker is in pretty bad shape, the foam surrounds should not look like that and the tweeter in the middle looks melted almost

I have those same speakers in my rear doors and that looks like it needs to be replaced if anything

This is a smaller version of the same speaker and yours should look like this if it is in good condition, which it is not looking to good
Pioneer speaker 001.jpg
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it looked fine in door now im going to have to go look again
went back out and looked and the tweeter is fine i think it was just the sun reflecting and my crappy cell phone camera. as for the mounting it looks weird because i had the door panel pulled out because there was short in the speaker and i was pulling it out to fix it. i dont think the front can be mounted like the back speaker because the grills attach differently on the front
I know they mount different in the front

I have the newer version of the same speaker in the front as the one in your picture

Bad photo or not that speaker is not right, the foam surrounds should not be collapsed like that

The foam surround should be nice and round like the one in my photo

I am not a speaker expert but one of my other hobbies is audiophile home audio equipment and that speaker is not right
Camera distortion....

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