The '03 rig...

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Gotta get outta here...
Sep 20, 2003
well, I'll spare you the gushing comments about creature comforts in the '03. But here are a coupla tidbits on the tech side that may be of interest to the (sadly) few 100 owners in the clan:

- the 5 speed is great, it really feels much peppier than the 4. (No OD switch left, btw).
- Still has CDL switch, as well as Power and 2nd, though.
- mileage is not as good as expected, computer says 15.5 mostly on the freeway (with 87) and about 14 in town. What the ???
- The thing came with 18" wheel (had no choice) with somewhat low profile tires (Dunlop Grand trek 275/60R18, not too bad actually, bit firmer than Michelin LTX M/S but still road tires). Still the 5x150 pattern but bigger wheel (17” at least) to accommodate bigger calipers I guess. This is really a pain, though. I wanted to rig a second set with offroad tires, but for the sake of me, short of custom or using adapters, I can not find any steel wheel that will fit. And not too keen on taking the 18s and skinny tires on rocky roads... I was wondering about this size bizness before, and apparently it is indeed an issue. If you get a newer 100, get the 17" wheels!
- Can’t see any significant difference underneath compared to the earlier 100s.
- Ride is fairly similar to earlier 100s, any difference likely overshadowed by tire characteristics.

More later.
Keep it on the road and buy a wheeler. .02 spent
Congrats on the new ride. I figure I will get a 100 when the 80 wears out. Keep us posted on how you like it. Do you know how many 100's they are making now. Just never see anymore than 1 at the Toyota dealership.
well, I live near L.A. (SoCal) so there are a fair number of the 100s around in that area. Took us a while to get what she wanted though. Mostly 2001 and earlier around, most lease returns no doubt. Definitely not many new ones being sold.
>> Definitely not many new ones being sold.

In fact, so few that Toyota will be dropping the Land Cruiser (100 Series) from the U.S. model lineup. I cannot remember if the 2004, or 2005 model will be the last... at least, that is what all the trade talk and auto industry people are saying. RIP.

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