That new outdoor store...

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thats funny...

My sister JUST gave me a call when I looked at the post! lol. She wants me to come down and check the store out
I want to know your sister... share!

OK, that came out all wrong :hillbilly:
you stay away from my sister! lol
we have had a wholesale sports in nanaimo for almost a year. good selection of everything and an amazing selection of hunting/fishing/firearms
Finally made it over to the wrong side of the river today to check it out, and made it out of there only 100 bucks poorer!

Nice store, but honestly I was expecting more. They have a huge hunting and fishing section, but I was expecting more on the camping side of things, fancy tents etc. Canadian Tire has a better tent selection, not that I need a new tent, the wifey just bought some monstrous Ozark Trail one from Wally World, I'm just a voyeur :)
They have nice field gear for your hunting dog at a very good price. They even have those kevlar vests if your dog is in the habit of crashing through the bush. Don't laugh. A friend of mine lost her Lab when he took off after a something through the bush - impaled on a broken branch on a windfall.

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