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Feb 1, 2009
Pahrump, NV
I've spent the last 4-6 months researching this site for technical articles, pros and cons and just general information - I must say, thanks for tons of relevant info, especially on the timing belt. It helped me make a decision when I pulled the trigger on a 100 Series of my own. A one-owner dark green 1999 with 89,000 miles. It came with a complete set of paperwork, including maintenance records. All maintenance and repairs were done at the same dealership. (timing belt was done 10k miles ago).

No rust, some parking lot rash, some missing bolts on the front bumper mounts and a stuck driver side power seat, which we managed to get 1/2 way down (using the tool kit, which was still in the car). Good thing one of my stumpier friends came along to help with the drive home (The soft-top 40 is his). The rear and center locks worked fine, all the gearboxes were quiet, and the engine pulls like a 737 on take-off. Also, no ticks, thumps, clunks or thuds.

Over the past 20 years or so I've played with 40's and an 80, but this is really something! Getting out the saddle soap and polishing compound this weekend, after which I'll spend some time in the local desert/mountains getting used to the off-road capabilities of my new Land Cruiser.

Once again, thanks for all the info! Teaser porn attached. :beer:
little blackie 001 resized.jpg
little blackie 003 resized.jpg cruisers do it with rhythm
I do love the green hundys. They are some what rare, seems like all the soccer moms wanted silver or white. The next hundy I get will either be the dark blue, or the green or the copper color.
I do love the green hundys. They are some what rare, seems like all the soccer moms wanted silver or white. The next hundy I get will either be the dark blue, or the green or the copper color.

I've only ever seen 2 black Hundys in my travels. Once you go black.......
Three black 100s in my neighborhood.
Black vehicles don't do well in AZ.....
Nice LC, what kind of deal did you get on it? I am currently looking for a hundy and have been doing tons of research.
Great find!
Black vehicles don't do well in AZ.....

And for good reason ! Lots of white and silver vehicles there that I've noticed.

I still don't understand why they do so well in TX. :hmm:
Nice looking rig. Black can't be rare, I now have 2 of them sitting out front.
packetstormin said:
Black vehicles don't do well in AZ.....
Mine's doing fine... :meh: They really don't get any hotter inside than any other color, and the ocotillo scratches buff out... :grinpimp:
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THANKS! Update

Thought I would post an update -
Since the purchase I've gone through the vehicle a bit, changed all the gear box fluids, flushed and filled the cooling system, lubed everything and added a set of 285X75R16 E load range BFG AT's. I've taken it off road in the local mountains and deserts several times now, and I am very impressed. It's like going off road in your living room - I like it!

It has lots of room for radio gear, and the AC works very well, even in the high triple digit heat we have here in the Great Basin Desert. A couple of things though.... I can't seem to remember what that odd, rectangular slot in the stereo is for, and the factory sliders do not appear to be all that robust. Will probably be replacing them both soon. All for now! :beer:
spring mountains 7-2011 001.jpg
No the factory running boards are not robust. Very easy to remove, though.
Looking good!

Never been a huge fan of the BFG AT's, but I must say that they look very good on a 100.
don't know that I'd cal the stock "sliders" sliders at all. They are steps that really damage multipliers off road. Pull them off soon, and get some steel under those rockers!

Great looking truck! I've always liked the green... had one and sold it. No regrets because I had the gold ghetto package, but green is cool!

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