Thanks to Pacific Mountain Cruisers

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Jan 2, 2003
Asheville, NC
I want to extend a special thanks to Pacific Mountain Cruisers and Tony Twiddy for inviting me to fly out to Rubithon this year. As some of you may know, I am a California native and grew up near the Rubicon Trail. I have hiked it, biked it, snowmobiled it, cross country skied it, and sledded it (parts of it anyway). I've never been through it in a Cruiser. It's an opportunity that I look forward to with great expectation and I can't thank you enough for your generous offer.

See you in June!

You're welcome Todd...

Bringing Todd to Rubithon in 2006 is part of celebrating TLCA's 30th anniversary.

I encourage everyone to make 2006 their year to attend Rubithon.

Yes, gas prices are high, but they are only going to be higher as time goes on.

Yes, you must obey the event rules but the trail is only going get more 'managed'.

Yes, your truck is not ready but if you start now, it will get done in time...
otherwise it is not going to be ready for any run in 06.

Yes, there is no time but there never is enough time, now or later.

yes yes yes.

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