Thanks to all 60/62 Owners

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Jul 6, 2008
Home of the Crimson Tide
Lurker since 08 and have been looking for a good 60. Well still dont have one but the wealth of information on this forum from resto to swaps got me looking at all the LC's.

Just bought a 99 LC for the wife! May not get to do much with it for posting in the 100 section but I guess i am in the club.

Thanks for the good info and the confidence that I have a good resource for my new purchase.
Congrats on the wife's 99! Hope you fine that 60 someday.
I've had both a 99 and an 87 FJ60. Loved them both. Seek and ye shall find.
you still looking for a 60?

If you're still looking for a buddy is selling his superbly built 82 60. bumpers, sliders, winch, gobi rack, 5spd. dual batts, 16" rims, OME suspension, Ham installed. All mods were thoughtfully and professionally installed.

PM me if you want the inside scoop and I'll connect ya'.

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