Thanks for the great info.

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Feb 25, 2007
Prescott Valley
I previously thought I was having oil pressure issues, but I put a manual guage in and found my pressure to be 65 cold and 35 hot
so I don't think there is and issue unless that's too high. Previously my electric guage was pegged all the time and then switched to little to no pressure. I am thinking maybe the relief valve is bad. A manual I read through said low or high pressure could be due to the relief valve. Anyone concur with that?

Thanks again!
I don't know what kind of engine you have but "in general" those numbers seem to be about right. Tony
You didn't mention what engine and under which conditions you have these figures but for the 1HZ engine the toyota repairmanual states:
Run engine up to normal workingtemps.
Oil pressure should read:
At Idle rpm : 29 kPa (0.3kg/cm2) or more
At 3000 rpm: 245 kPa (2.5 kg/cm2) or more

No max values are stated.

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