For Sale Texas 96 FZJ80 - $2K- Build or Parts truck

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Lockers? Why so cheap? Was expecting to read you rolled it or something at that price.
And if none of that makes sense or sounds like bs -

You must not be married with kids;)
Just go to attach files on a new post
PMs replied to. Two serious buyers - I'll keep this updated
Yeah I know I just can't do it from phone. And every time I get onto mud, logged in or not, it automatically tries to push my phone to the apps Store or mob click BS. Forces it. This new forum driver is demonic

You on iPhone? I use the Tapatalk app, & although the latest version isn't the best, at least its free now haha... it does make posting pics from mobile very easy, as well as notifications & messaging. I'd suggest giving it a try if you're on the forums a lot.
Sent out pics- Keith , Richard help post em up!
That is my absolute favorite color LC's came with. Wish it was in better shape, or I had room for a project!
Are there a couple of dents in the roof (driver side above windshield, top rear corner on the passenger side by the hatch), or just some kind of illusion I'm seeing with reflections in the pics?
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No you're seeing it correctly. That's all the same dent from the previous owner - it was a tree branch when they parked under a tree.

My goal was a can of bondo with monster liner , but I have too much work ahead and too many cruisers now I'm just going to trail rig the one I already built, and keep one stock for the road.

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