SOLD Texas: 1995 LC White and 1994 LC Blue-SOLD and other vehicles

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Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
Central, Texas 75969 United States
UPDATED 1.31.22. I am moving and planning to sell most of the vehicles listed below. Thanks for the patience. Please PM with any questions. Have fun posting about how ridiculous the prices are that I am looking for. I will discount if buying more than one vehicle. Please PM for more details.

AVAILABLE 1995 LC, 163K miles, $13,000 OBO. 1995 Photos

Owned this rig for a little over 50K miles. Was my wife's daily driver most of this time. For last 10K or so it has primarily been my backup vehicle and ranch truck. I have been driving it the last day or two and have not noticed any issues.
  • Good Stuff
    • Rides and drives fine
    • Have service history - replaced almost all hoses, belts, plugs, etc. I can provide documentation for most items. Recently did front brakes. Routine oil changes and lube etc done by me.
    • No rust
    • keyless entry (one remote - aftermarket)
    • Tires are still good but will need replacing soon.
    • AC/Heat works fine
    • Sunroof works
    • Clean Title
    • 2nd owner - Texas truck. Still have original purchase documents and window sticker...
    • Weathertech floor mats
    • Other than the passenger seat - most leather is in good overall shape.
  • Bad Stuff
    • NOT triple locked
    • Hood and quarter panel dented (see photos) had a minor front-end accident a couple of years back. Was able to drive it home and the only mechanical damage to my knowledge was the AC line that is in the front. I replaced this and had the system recharged at a mechanic shop. Replaced other body parts including the grill from the 1994. See photos.
    • Powers seats on both driver and passenger are not operating correctly. I replaced the gears a while back (purchased on MUD) and they worked for quite some time. I am guessing they need gears again.
    • Power antennae not working
    • CEL is on and has been since I owned it. I think the code reads O2 sensor or related.
    • Cruise control does not work - has not worked since I owned it. Guessing speed sensor.
    • Stereo head unit volume does not work. The touchscreen has gone out...
    • Wood trim starting to fade
    • Passenger air vent missing plastic fins
    • Passenger seat leather in poor condition

SOLD - 1994 LC, 203K miles (not running), $3500 OBO 1994 LC Photos

This truck was not running when I got it, and I never spent much time working on it. I believe it is something electrical. Engine does turn over, but will not crank. My guess is no spark - possibly from a security system. It was missing battery and battery tray. Only have one key for it - without the FOB. Please see photos and info below and PM with any questions.
  • Good Stuff
    • Triple locked (has switch and to my knowledge is actually triple locked) see photos
    • Very little rust (see photos)
    • All major mechanical parts appear to be with truck (I did remove the charcoal canister but still have it)
    • Clean title and texas truck
    • Factory stereo works
  • Bad Stuff
    • Used the number, grill, headlight and other trim pieces for the 1995 above
    • Drive door has damage (looks like someone tried to pry it open. It does open and shut and does not appear to leak
    • Need tires (current tires will hold air long enough to load on trailer)
    • No battery or battery tray
    • See pics for interior - some good and some bad

Also considering selling:

2001 LX470, 157K, Grey/green, Rides and drives great, new Toyota alternator, some paint fading but overall looks good, 2nd owner. $16,000. OBO. LX470 Photos
See posting here LX470 classified on MUD

1968 Mustang Coupe, Maroon, Auto, interior restored, exterior in good shape, paint in good shape, not a show car but overall looks good, disc brakes, upgraded transmission to AOD and rear gears, exhaust, seat belts, too much to list here. Engine runs but needs tune up from sitting for too long. More info to come on this car. I think it will be in the $17K to $23K range

2004 Chevy Z71, 231K, White, Rides and drives, daily driver, rebuilt transmission in 2021 with 2 years warranty remaining, new radiator, thermostat, water pump, and tires in last few months. Vehicle has been in my family since for last 200K, well maintained, normal wear and tear for age. Looking for $7500 to $9,000 for this truck.

More info to come this week. All vehicles located in Central Texas. Would like to have sold in the next month or so.

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Sorry. Honestly did not see that about price. If your interested tell me what it’s worth to you. Not trying to be a jerk. Market is crazy and I got a lot going on moving. Not in the business of flipping cars.
I’ll get pics and more details up ASAP. Just got my hands full at moment.
The big city is gonna eat this country boy alive. The city folk talk fast, think fast, and act fast. No time to waste staring at the menu.
QSR for cruisers!
I’ve never tried to sell something in my life but didn’t know how much money I wanted to get out of it. Minds don’t work that way.
Are there actual rules beyond the user guide? I didn’t see anything about posting a price…

Not sayin, just sayin’. I’ve bought and sold my fair share on here and an OPs pricing in the first post is, to me, an indication of a willingness to sell. This particular OP must not be too serious if there’s no price listed. Not to mention 5 vehicles mentioned and a picture of only one.

Just my take.

Just sayin’
Sorry. Honestly did not see that about price. If your interested tell me what it’s worth to you. Not trying to be a jerk. Market is crazy and I got a lot going on moving. Not in the business of flipping cars.

Why is it that every time someone doesn't want to post a price the response is always "the market is crazy".....Translation: I'm not trying to be a jerk but the market is crazy so I wanna price gouge you as much as I can.

If you have time to unload 5 cars on us then you have time to post a price.
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Honestly did not see the rule - or I would not have posted!

I obviously jumped the gun with posting the info and have not had time to get all the info together. I should have pics, details, and pricing posted this weekend on all vehicles. Also, it looks like I am going to need to keep one vehicle (either the 04 silverado, the 95LC, or LX470) for about 6 to 8 weeks until my new company work truck arrives... Sorry for posting before I had all of this originally. Thanks for the patience.

Just sayin’
For what its worth - other than the link you put above. I still can't find this. I assume it is totally obvious and I am just missing it.....
I’m at $22 for the white one. Does this auction have an end date and time? 😆

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