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Jan 31, 2020
Muskoka Ontario Canada
A quick Background - I am a canadian living in costa rica. over the last 6 years i have been avoiding north american winters sheltered here near the beach. This lifestyle ends up working out great for my Fj60 and I since it only see the canadian summers and is stored in a heated garage for the winters. I have some experience importing vehicles from the US into canada and vise versa and i am interested in trying my hand in Importing from costa rica.

Driving a vehicle back is not feasible or possible in the current state of the world so i have looked into shipping containers. To make it worth the cost of shipping it would make sense to fill the container with multiple vehicles. Filling it with quality 4x4s is not an issue the issue is where do i import them to reach the desired market. i could import them to canada but the market here is much smaller and our dollar is not as strong as the US.

Maybe this is a vintage 4x4 pipe dream Im wondering if it is worth importing the vehicles to USA and having either a Partner or a third party sell them or list them for me.
Looking for insight and advise.


Just a few samples of imports i am looking at are attached below.
79 bj40.jpg
nissan y60.jpg
nissan patrol.jpg
bj60 2h motor.jpg

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