Testing 30mm MAF Spacers

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Jan 4, 2006
Houston, TX
hey all,
just a couple of poser pics testing out the Man A Fre 30mm coil spacers that I recently put on. Got my :princess: dirty.

Sits more level. HOORAY!

Flexes pretty nicely

This is the one that tweaked the front bumper.

Luckily, I bent up my front POS stock bumper on the last one, so I now have an excuse to make my front bumper. I'll be sure to post up pics. Expect something tucked up and made of tubing.

the arm got stripped out. i need to order a new one. just haven't done it yet.

Was that at Spring Creek area? I used to go there with my 40, years ago. Until I had a couple of close calls with the law...
Looks sweet, Jason. How does your LX ride and drive with the J's & L's unloaded? What kind of castor correction do you have, and was there any noticeable change in driveability when you added the spacers?

It looks like the 315's stuff nicely with J's and spacers, any rubbing?
Yes, it was at Spring Creek. The game wardens were out, but as long as you obey the rules (don't drive down the creek, only cross at 1st beach), they couldn't do anything. The owner said that he has written permission for people to cross the creek at 1st beach, and has gone to court with patrons that got ticketed and got them dismissed.

Ride with the Js, Ls, and spacers is really nice. I felt the spacers for the first few days, but now I'm used to them. It may have all been in my head to begin with. It tracks straight down the highway at 80+, without any vibration. All I did was fab up a swaybar drop bracket out of a 4" length of 2.5" square tubing on each side. It has the OME bushings, but I think it could use something like the plates from Slee to make it just right (I haven't taken it to get aligned yet). No rubbing of tires at full stuff.

Thanks for the info, Jason.

A Mud member here in So Cal has offered to sell me his old J's along with Slee plates for a great price. I was a little worried about driveability as this is my DD, but it sounds like it's all good as long as I fab up some drop brackets.

That's great news! Hehehe, now how to explain it to the :princess: .....
tell her she'll be able to see over the traffic to see what's going on.
So it is just the driving across the creek that is illegal now? I thought I remembered that there was an issue even with the access to the creek.

That was back in the 90's though. Evidently things have changed.
that must've been a mean lean.
hey didnt i take a few of thoughs pics?? haha dude once i get the 40 all fitxed up we need to go back out! but bring the runner man, so we can do the hard trails!!!
TiredIronGRB said:
Yea it was like that when I got it, but even more noticeable after I put the portal axles and OME springs under it.

I was wondering about that ... it seemed to stand out in some of your pics.

Bear80 said:
I've found that the SHORT front spring needs to be on the US DRIVERS side. Crazy but I recall another member that tired it and fixed the lean. Mine leveled right up and only need 10mm of packers on the rear drivers side spring.
I tried that and it helped a little bit, but I figured I would just go with the spacers and get another 1" of lift.

Portals 5"
OME Springs 3"
Spacer 1"

9" total

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