Tester for selling my 1uz Lexus v8 FJ62

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Jan 2, 2012
Prescott Valley AZ
So I finally started the motor in my swap. I had to replace a coil and now she runs great. I am thinking that I am going to have to sale it when I get it if wished to pay off some debt. I put a 1994 1uz Lexus v8 and the transmission out of an sc400 that I put a shift kit into as well. I installed the output shaft from a T100 trans and used the T100 t case. Yes it now has a center output t case to offset rear pumpkin and seems to drive fine. I have only driven it up the street and back because of the lack of exhaust ( my neighbors love me ).

The cruiser is an 89. It's white with grey blue interior that is in pretty good shape. It is of course a 25 year old truck so there are some small dents and scratches. It has a fairly new windshield as well.

I put 488 gears in her without lockers. I also put a Belton 4" lift on with the anti inversion shackles. New front brakes, rotors, one caliper and stainless lines. Knuckles rebuilt at that time, all of which has less than a mile on it. New rear axle seals as well. I still need a front driveshaft and shocks. Has 285/75-17 Nitto Terra Grapplers on enkie wheels. 2 are new and 2 are 80%+. They are 33" tall.

I am going to mold the Lexus gauge cluster into the dash and also add a trans temp gauge to go along with the 80 series cooler. I am using the sc400 shifter so I will build a surround for that. I did keep the hydraulic driven fan and it works well. I welded the fan support into the factory 62 fan shroud which is bolted to a freshly rebuilt 60 radiator.

I still have a lot to finish and I will improve the power window and door lock functions before I'm done. I also plan on upgrading the headlights to hid's. The hood that is on it appears to have possibly been in a fire as the supports are loose but I have a good hood that will need to be painted.

Bumpers are a tiny bit tweaked but the body is rust free and pretty straight. I would say about an 8 over all, maybe better.

I can't post pics from phone but will try later to get some up here. I'm sure I'm leaving something out. Pm me with any questions or possible offers. I may trade this to my dad and sale his.

I put all the injected 4.0 and auto with vacuum t case push button drive train out of my 89 into his 87 fj60. I also swapped my spare 410 axles into his. He had it painted back OE dark grey and he has fixed any interior flaws. It has a 2.5" OME lift with new shocks and 2013 FJ cruiser 17" alloys and stock tires.

I really don't know what either of these rigs are worth so I'm not sure where to start but I won't give the one I sale away. I was mostly curious if anyone would even like the idea of a Toyota v8 in a cruiser. Thanks guys.
not it the market, but would love to see pics of this !!!
Did you use all or any smog components ?
The 1uz has all stock stuff minus cats as of right now. The efi conversion in the 87 has had a few non esensual items removed but mostly all there. I'll post picks as soon as I can of the 1uz, I don't have pics of the 87 right now.
These are a little older but you get the idea.

cruiser v8 top.jpg

cruiser v8.jpg
You can sell anything if you're realistic about what it's worth. What it's worth is somewhat dependent on the buyer, but at the end of the day an unfinished project is going to attract less bidders. Also, a swap that's outside the norm means uncertainty from potential buyers, because there's not a lot of comparable experience.

I'm not saying anything bad about your swap, I like what you've done. I have mulled the idea of a Toyota V8 more than once. Be realistic about what it will bring if you choose to sell, and you'll likely find a willing buyer and you'll both end up happy.
It will be finished if it gets sold, not sure how you got the impression otherwise. Anything is worth exactly what someone pays for it, reference the gun craze. Any swap is to me just that, a swap. How well it is done means more to me. I have seen this idea of Toyota V8's a lot but very few actually done. The point of this post was to see if there was any interest at all in either rig. This is not an easy or cheap swap but what swap is. I wanted to stay Toyota and had a chance to pick up a good motor so I did it. I will only sale to cover bills if I can't find another way.

I take no offense to your post. I am sure purists don't care for either of these trucks, Toyota drivetrains or not. If anybody has an opinion of value, please throw it out there. Obviously the 1UZ swap will be completed if sold or not.

Thanks guys
I think TS was referring to the fact that a potential buyer cannot test drive an unfinished van, saying you will finish it if it sells doesnt really make sense. Say you can find someone willing to look at it and you agree on a price the buyer will still have to wait for the end result?

Also, as a general rule an unfinished project truck will not fetch the same price as a finished truck someone can actually drive. People buy unfinished projects to save money and time and frankly to take advantage of situations that arise when the owner cannot finish said project for whatever reason. Unfinished = deal.

The better question to ask is what price a completed toy v8 swapped 62 could demand. Im not up to date on what these things go for nowadays so I cant help you there.

What I meant was it will be finished before its for sale. The 87 is finished and beautiful. I was more curious if people like the idea of a toy v8. Lots of talk about it but not too many finished products out there. You see some crazy prices on eBay so that may be where it goes if sold.
People like the idea of a Toyota V8 swap, everyone dreams of it, but very few actually do it.

Unless they are super clean and look like they came from the factory in the swapped configuration (under the hood, shifter console, dash, etc), swaps seldom seem to fetch the dollar amount of the effort put into them. I'm not sure this would necessarily demand a premium over a clean late model GM swap though.

It sounds like a sweet setup. I would love to be able to easily put the drivetrain from my LS430 into my 60. Driving the LS was actually the motivation for starting a GM V8 swap into my 60.

I'd love to see a build thread and the finished product. Best of luck if you sell it. I'm sure eBay is the best way to get top dollar. Make sure you detail the crap out of it and have lots of quality pictures.
this is Lou from Indiana send pics when you can to my email or phone am interested
we have a lot of lexus V8 swapped toyota's over here in NZ mainly Hilux's and Surfs (4runners), my mates hilux with the lexus V8 is ridiculous and it would be my first choice of engine in my 60 if my 13bt ever died, good job doing the swap it will be epic when finished but keep it you'll never make your money back selling it and you'll always regret it.
I am really not a big fan of for sale testers in the tech sections..
I would say about 10k tops. Those motors are reliable, but have some items that are pretty tough to repair. I hope you put a new starter in before you installed the motor. I have seen some really nice v8 60s with 350's for around 12, which to me would be better than a lexus motor with little aftermarket support for upgrades. Not trying to insult your swap, but you have done modifications according to your personal liking, which isn't always what others like, at least enough to pay a large amount for. Also emissions compliance could be an issue for some it you don't have all the emission stuff hooked up thats required.
When I pulled the starter it worked fine. I still took it apart to find a broken bearing in the nose and semi worn contacts so its all rebuilt now. All emissions are there minus cats but those are easy to put on later. I don't see any issue there at all. Yes we all like what we like. Its looking more and more like I'll keep it but I'll post some more pics.
I hate wiring!

Kudos to you for tackling that wiring job! If I attempted something like that my rig would never run again!
What is all involved with the wiring? You doing the 4runner transmission/drive line or custom adapter. ..??

Must..have...details :(
Most of the wiring is for the cluster. If I had kept the 62 gauges it would be alot easier. I am using the Lexus trans with a T100 T case. I had to swap the output shafts and I now have a center output T case with the oe offset axle. It works fine. Working on a video now.


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