For Sale Teseven Tub by Fabien

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Jul 12, 2005
Rio Verde Foothills
United States
Hello, and Good Day:
I have a recently fabricated by Fabien in France(Teseven) full tub. We imported it last fall after waiting 6 months to get it. it was ordered as a tub for a 78 MY frame. It was built on a 1980 frame jig. There is more information I can provide if one wants. When sitting on the 78 frame, it will need at least 3 (later style, hockey puck) body mounts at each mounting point to provide a proper fit on earlier frame. More like a body lift. There are a couple of other minor issues with this tub. My impression is that it will make for a great custom tub for a soft top. This tub is of steel. And again, made for the 78 model year. And it would fit a 1980+ frame much nicer.
My client has made a different choice, and has decided to sell this tub. It has a lite coat of primer to prevent any flash rust at this time.
You can contact me via e-mail, or via PM
My name is Robbie, The tub is located in Boulder Colorado. Shipping is responsibility of the buyer.
Asking price is 7000.00 OBO(dropped price 2-20-2017)


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79+ is the changeover in frame styles.

Although, the fuel tank and other things would need to be moved as well.
I have technical questions and concerns about this product. But since I am not a prospective buyer, I will raise them elsewhere. GLWS Robbie.
Yes, a very expensive mistake. But at the time we felt confident that the product was going to fit. We used a person that translated information and had conversations with Fabien. A college of the current owner over in France, we did our our home work, thought this was the best idea based on many factors. But alas, we do not want a body lift on the cruiser we are building. This is a really nice tub to make into a real nice project, just not the right tub for this project. I will check back every other day, unless I get an e-mail. Some things I will discuss in open forums, other things I will not.
Thanks for the posts.
Still have it, thanks for looking
Good to see I'm not alone, imprisoning to be projects in self storage bays.

Wish Fabien'd come up with a pig carcass!! I don't even care if it's that straight.

Yes Chris you are not alone. Still for sale, still in a storage unit, but will be soon moved to my shop as the rolling frame will be at the body shop as that project moves forward.
Thanks for Looking
Bump, still for sale.
Chris there is a real nice BBQ place just down the street from the body shop.

Drop in price , 7000 OBO

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