TEQ Hats..Pre orders

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Dec 13, 2004
Austin, Texas

Iam going to do a limited run of TEQ Hats.and would like to get a count of who might be interested in one. I would also like to hear some feed back what you might want too see.

The price will be $15, plus $3 shipping.

These hats will be the same style as the Araco hats I did.


Hat Facts:

• 6 panel structured garment washed cotton twill.
• structured low profile.
• Pre-curved visor.
• Tuck strap closure with slide closure.
• Khaki in color

So Here are my questions:

1. Which TEQ Logo whould you like? TEQ or TEQ Toyota Motor?


2. Should I do a untructured hat instead?

3. Should I do a black cap?

Thanks, Mark
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I think black with the round logo would be cool!
Sound like people prefer the TEQ logo.

I personaly like black hats, so I'll make a few.. Here is a quick shot of a Araco Black hat i did. The TEQ really "pops" on a black background.
Yeah those look good.

I like the beige with the round TEQ.

Question: Are these hats fitted, or they one size fits all?
How about unstructured with khaki color and round TEQ, pretty please??
Ok...Sound like people want black and khaki, with the round TEQ logo.

But what about structured and unstructured?

Iam leaning towards unstructured... What do other think?
I would love to do the flex-fit hats!!! I'll check on it. Last time I checked it was too expensive to stock all the diffrenet sizes.

Maybe we could work a deal, those who wants flex-fit hats could send me one and I'll have it done.

I'll talk to my vendor about it.
Flexfit Hats...we can do!

OK - My vendor has a version of a flex fit hat..

6 panel
Garment Washed Cotton
Spandex Blend
Stretchable Fabric
Pre-curved Visor.

Available Sizes:
M/L - 6 7/8 - 7 1/4
L/XL 7-1/4 - 7 3/4

Still working on price - I'll know later today. Might be a few bucks more.. ;(
I like the red TEQ and the TMC both, and vote for a natural or khaki hat color as black gets too damn hot in the sun. It looks really good though. Don't really care about fitted or not and I prefer unstructured caps. Let me know when you are ready to take orders.
I also prefer the unstructured hats, I like them both and would be interested in a couple.
I would definately be in on the BLACK Larger FLEX hat with the round TEQ. I don't care if it's more...I don't wear adjustable hats...ya I'm a hat snob ;p
I would probably get one if it was a flexfit, and I prefer khaki.
offroadkid said:
I think black with the round logo would be cool!

I will 2nd or 3rd or 4th this motion.

Make it unstructured too.


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