Template needed for a PTO install....pics anyone?

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Aug 23, 2008
Alaska and Oregon
I am installing my new PTO winch on my '69 FJ40. I need to dremel out a hole for the shifter lever coming up through the pan. Does anyone have exact dimensions of where and how big this thing is? If anyone had a drawing or measurements that would be very helpfull before i start cutting on my cruiser. Thanks guys.
I am just put my winch on, i took my trans hump off, mount up the gear box with shift, ease the trans hump as close as you can, measure twice and cut. There is a cover plate that bolts to the hump that closes the hole up and attach the boot to that cover plate. I have a h55, I don't think that my measurements would help you, as I beleive there is a trans length difference. When you cut, it will need to be wide enough to get the shift leaver knob through and long enough to allow you to engage. Cut the smallest hole you can and open up as needed. My 40 is not handy, but I have the cover plate here. the hole in the cover is 11/4w X 2 5/8l and the cover is 6 w X 4.5 L it is 3w before the bend roughly 60*. I will get pictures when I can, hope this helps.
Wow not enough coffee yet. Just read what I posted. I most likely confussed. You can pm if you wish, I will check later today. I will be out of pocket for a while, my 3yo wants to go fish, its my Saturday. Good luck. TR
only slightly less confusing

more coffee = more accuracy.

This is what I just measured. A little messy, sorry.

I can measure up anything else you need.
i see there is a link reference to some tranny covers removed. Any others out there with the plates removed? I wouldnt mind some pics of the shaft hook ups and linkages. Robert

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