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Aug 13, 2006
New York City
Who has an iPod system installed in their FJ and wants to share information on it and your installation? How about Laptop computers? RAM makes Laptop mounts, and I had thought about getting one more than once.... As well we all are always interested in what others have placed in the flat empty area above the glove box.



Oct 2004
Oct 30, 2004
I have a Sansa mp3 player. I couldnt see spending $200-300 on an Ipod.
It was $60 and another 40 for a 1gb card. Holds more than enough tunes.

Nothing fancy as far as install goes. Plug it in to aux jack and lay it on the
shifter boot.

I hardly use it. Its more for my boat. Easier to grab a stack of discs and load em
as I go.
Feb 23, 2007
I have the Ipod add on gizmo. Works well.......only complaint is the song title does not display on the players LCD on the dash nor does it on the Ipod. The Ipod just says Toyota on its LCD. I have mine wired to the glove box so its out of sight. Honestly I think its highly over priced and would not recommend spending the extra money on it due to the lack of artist and song display info.
Mar 22, 2006
Auburn, WA.
I am using the DICE unit.
It charges the iPod and also lets you see song and artist info right on the FJammer head unit.
You also have control of the iPod via your headunit and your steering wheel buttons.

However, I am on my 3rd unit, as they update these via flashing the ROM or something, and there have been lots of bugs.

So far my 3rd unit here is working pretty good.
I did a writeup on it.

As far as mounting the iPod, I am using the Panavice Dash Mount and the Panavice Portagrip 2000.
Links to where to purchase it are on page II of my mods.

In the picture below the iPod now sits in the Panavice mount above.
I have taken out the cupholder one.

Dec 26, 2006
The RAM Mount

I have the Ram mount in my cruiser but after a few off road adventures, the mount won't stay locked in place and slams around inside the cruiser, scratching up my interior.

It was great inside my F-250 but won't stay put in here. (too much cruisin for the mount)
Oct 21, 2006
Dell Juke Box

I have the Dell MP3 player in mine. 15GB more than enough memory, sounds great. I also have a Pioneer "inno" XM radio, MP3 player, that is portable, also sounds great. Kind of over kill, but it works for me.
Mar 17, 2006
Calgary, Alberta
Installed the VAIS iPod adapter. You get play list and song information but not artist (kind of a PIA). Allows for steering wheel controls, navigation through head unit (more functional for moving through play lists than songs), random and repeat functions. Does not leave the native iPod controls enabled while it is connected.

I like it in that the iPod stays out of site and I can listen to the entire library or a play list on random. Retails for about $250 if I remember right.
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