Tech Day, Saturday April 28th

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Dec 16, 2005
Alright's an attempt to describe the Tech Day planned for Saturday the 28thth of April.

Replace rear differential
Replace rear axle bearings and seals
Replace front output bearing

Parts for Replacing Rear Diff:
-Donor 3rd Member (Thanks Tom!)
-Front (paper) and Rear (cork) differential Gaskets
-One good stake nut that has not been staked previously
-3 quarts of gear oil

Parts for Replacing Rear Axle Bearings and Seals:
--Two Koyo rear wheel bearings and races
-Two Rear wheel bearing seals
-two tubs of drum brake bearing grease

Parts for replacing the Front Output Bearing
-Gasket for cone

Tools I have for the Job:
1. Metric wrench set..
2. Metric socket set..
3. Hammers...but no BFH
4. Dremel with cutoff attachments
5. Electric good bits to speak of...
6. Other misc. tools (screwdrivers, wrenches, etc)
7. Razor blade to remove the old gasket material. I think that the PO used Blue goop instead of the paper gasket.

Tools we NEED for the job:
1. Welder (to get the rear wheel bearings out)
2. Bearing puller (John Smith ordered but yet to receive)
3. longer handled socket wrench, mine is pretty short.
4. ???

I figure we could start this job at around 9am and try to finish before 3pm. Just a ballpark guess on my part......
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You don't need any drum brake bearing grease. The bearings are lubricated with gear oil.

You will want to inform your wife that we will need to use her oven to preheat the races that go on the axle shafts to 300deg F so we can install them. A toaster oven should be fine for this. If she freaks over this I can bring my ring gear/race heater "garage toaster oven" which we can use. If you want, you can get a head start for us and use your dremel and a cut off wheel to remove the old races from the axle shafts. : )

I will bring my torque wrench and a bag of tools including a bunch of different size seal and bearing drivers along with a few BFHs.

Make sure you have plenty of brake cleaner and shop towels or paper towels.
My wife will be fine with us using the problem at all.

So, here's the plan.
-I'll cut the old races off ahead of time...
-I'll leave the old third member is fused on there and the act of using the jack to remove it will be good for photos and writeup.
-I'll remove the front driveshaft from the front output cone, probably just propping it up rather than totally removing it. Opinions?
-Rear driveshaft is propped up currently, removed only from the rear diff.
-lots of brake cleaner, rags, paper towels, hand cleaner.
This set for the 28th right, not the 10th (since the 10th is next Tuesday)

Also, missed the last meeting. Can someone PM with time and location?

Doug, if your grinding to cut the races will possibly shoot grindings into the rear axle tube, I'd suggest packing the tube with wadded up paper, etc., beforehand to prevent such.
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SH*T! Yes, the 28th! sorry for the typo.
PM'd ya

Address, phone numbers and start time are all posted on the CLCC website. Just call me, pm me or whatever if you have any questions.
Doug, if your grinding to cut the races will possibly shoot grindings into the rear axle tube, I'd suggest packing the tube with wadded up paper, etc., beforehand to prevent such.

Thanks for the tip....I will do that for sure.:beer:
I spoke with John Smith recently...and we are going to cut the races off the axles as part of the Tech folks can see and take part in the entire process.

I've got the cutoff attachments and a regular old dremel...should work just fine.
I have a slap hammer that just might avoid all the grinding. Depends on how much room there is to get a hook on the race.
Very cool! Bring it on!

I assume we would heat up the race first with a torch, eh?
Dan, his rear axles are different than ours. The early rear axles have a race installed on the axle shaft that needs to be cut off and a new one installed. Unlike our later axles that have no race on the axle shaft to remove, only the bearing from the axle tube. It will be fun cutting off the axle shaft race without knicking the axle shaft... I am going to leave that job up to someone like you who is king of the dremel. :flipoff2:
John, no problem. Although I have no problem letting a young'un such as yourself have a go at it.

So, then, the early cruisers have rear bearings like the mini trucks? Do you have a pipe or such to reinstall the new bearings?
Herb, if you have room, I'd suggest getting a 5 gallon bucket of gear lube from say, NAPA, and buying a bucket top pump from Northern Tool, for under $30. It makes changing oil in your tranny, tcase, and diffs a breeze. No bottles to futz with. On the trail, I can see, but all home it makes all the difference.

Don't bug when you see how much they want for the bucket of gear oil, it will last you a good while and IMHO is worth it.
I'd suggest getting a 5 gallon bucket of gear lube from say, NAPA, and buying a bucket top pump from Northern Tool, for under $30.

I is a PAIN trying to get gear oil into the tranny/Xfer with those plastic bottles. However, since I'm trying to sell this house...and EVERYTHING is ending up in the garage...I have no room. I'll need to put off that purchase until I get into the new garage.
You can still bring beer Dave! :D We'll just have to change your gear oil with the little plastic bottles...and probably in the driveway.:beer:
Hey Doug ,

Don't be so tight. I've got a new pump at the house that Josh has'nt even used yet. You can even keep the bucket at my place , I won't use too much :D Noticed you had a welder listed as a tool to do this . Are you sure you don't torches instead . I have both . Won't be able to be there to help , stuck working Saturdays . Can't even get to the swap meet. :frown: I could drop these off at o dark 30 on my way to work and stop by on the way home.

Hey Tom! I think we need a welder....and a torch. The welder just in case we can't pry the bearings out....we would put a bead on the race until it shrunk enough to enable removal.

The torch might be good to heat up the new races maybe...John had originally suggested just using the oven. It sure couldn't hurt to have a torch, I'll take you up on that.

I'll call you in a few days to let you know where to drop it...cuz I'm sure I won't be awake at that gawdawful time of morning.....

Thanks again man, I sure appreciate it.

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